Bedlam film review: Second half

The second half of Bedlam saw so many momentum swings but the last one was for the Sooners in a 33-24 win.

Every play matters but some stick out more than others. Each week Sooners Illustrated will look at the five plays that stood out in Oklahoma's performance. This week it's the second half of OU's 33-24 win at Oklahoma State.

Play No. 1: Thompson picked off

OU didn't try to stretch the field at all in the first half but that changed with the very first play of the second half. With Kendal Thompson in for Trevor Knight, the Sooners took a shot deep.

It didn't work. OSU's Kevin Peterson had nice coverage and made an easy interception. Thompson couldn't find a rhythm in his limited time in the second half, which led to Blake Bell getting one more chance.

And we all know how that turned out. Thompson was 2-of-9 for 17 yards.

Play No. 2: Saunders strikes once again

Maybe the turning point of the game was OU's drive's late in the third quarter when trailing 17-10. The Sooners went 60 yards in seven plays in 2:09 to tie it up.

It featured a rare tight end reception of 16 yards to Brannon Green, and then a double reverse run by Jalen Saunders for 37 yards to set up a first-and-goal.

On the play, Thompson gave it to Sterling Shepard, who then pitched it back to Saunders. He was sprung by a nice block by Thompson on the outside. It might have gone for a touchdown but Saunders was too fast for Gabe Ikard to set up his block down the field.

It was obvious Bob Stoops was going to let it all hang out in the final game.

Play No. 3: Bothun to Hunnicutt

The play that woke everybody up. Before the play was already getting ready to tweet "Hunnicutt makes chip shot FG." And then, you know, actually watched the play.

Holder Grant Bothun caught the apparent field goal attempt. Rolled out and had three options. He could run it, throw it to Taylor McNamara in the corner of the end zone or find Michael Hunnicutt and let him try to score.

Bothun gave Hunnicutt his moment as he caught, took a nice hit but held on for the 8-yard touchdown to tie it at 17-17.

Stoops had used the play before and wanted to go to it again.

"I was so pumped this week when he came into my office on Thursday and recognized a fake that he had run earlier in his career," special teams coach Jay Boulware said. "He was just on it."

Play No. 4: Bell, Shepard avoid disaster

Bell's story had a happy ending, but who knows how it would have turned out if this play had gone differently.

OU faced a second-and-10 at its own 1 yard line. The play clock was close to zero so Ikard snapped the ball, but Bell wasn't ready. He dropped it, and somehow it bounced right back to him. Not away from him, he didn't kick, right back to him.

Bell recovered, calmed himself and found Shepard for a huge 57-yard gain to get OU out of the shadow of its own end zone.

OU was up 20-17 at the time and that easily could have been a safety for OSU or a touchdown for the Cowboys.

Play No. 5: Bell puts his signature on Bedlam

What more needs to be said? Bell found Saunders in the corner of the end zone for a 7-yard game-winning touchdown with 19 seconds left in the game.

"Right coverage," Bell said. "I was even licking my chops because I was ready for that one. Once we got the play call and Jalen ran a great route on that play. I just put it out there to him and he went and got it."

OU went 66 yards on eight plays in 1:27 to reclaim the lead.

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