Stoops hesitant to praise youth

OU coach Bob Stoops didn't deny a lot of young players have stepped up, but he didn't want to name names in fear of what it might mean in recruiting.

As usual, the first few practices this week for Oklahoma were all about showcasing the younger players and giving them a chance to shine.

The usual starters worked on the fundamentals in getting ready for the AllState Sugar Bowl against Alabama. The younger guys had a chance to move from scout team and attempt to have their break out moment.

Assistant coaches and players had no problem revealing who they felt were some of the stars from the early part of the week, but OU coach Bob Stoops wasn't in the same boat.

Knowing how every little thing can be twisted and used on the recruiting trail, Stoops opted to not name any names. At least not yet.

"There have been some, but I am not going to talk about them right in the middle of recruiting," Stoops said. "As soon as somebody hears that, ‘yeah, he was just bragging about this guy and he's a freshman and you play the same position.' It doesn't do me any good to brag about guys today, but I will at some down the line. We have seen some very exciting things the last couple of days from some guys."

The most common names mentioned by the players and coaches were defensive tackle Charles Walker and wide receiver K.J. Young. Both of them are redshirt freshmen.

The Sooners have 18 commits right now and will probably end up with a class of around 25-27 recruits for the 2014 class. There's still a lot of work for Stoops and the coaches to do before national signing day so Stoops will stay coy until that point.

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