Sooner Intel, Pt II: OU news and nuggets

The defensive line class for OU has gone through a lot of changes, but the Sooners seem set with their two pledges.

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Orso at home with OU

It's not always the elite star ranking name fans love, but OU does a great job of getting in there first with a lot of recruits.

That was certainly the case with Homewood (Ala.) High defensive lineman Dwayne Orso. Committed to Western Kentucky at the time, the Sooners came in and swooped him up in November.

But for a recruit that never had much attention it was tough to fault him for saying he wanted to see some other places. As time went on, though, that feeling left him little by little.

"When the other offers first started coming, I was thinking maybe I should see what's out there," Orso said. "Should I think about a change? With where I'm at now, I know I'll be in Norman next year."

The offers came, too. Clemson, Mississippi State and Ole Miss to name a few. But the Tigers and Rebels offered Orso as an offensive lineman, which really puzzled Orso because he has never played the position.

The thought was with his size and natural athletic ability that maybe they could groom him into being an offensive lineman.

At OU there's no question the Sooners want him at defensive end. An in-home visit by defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery erased any lingering doubts and Orso has been all-OU all the time in the last two weeks.

The Sugar Bowl didn't hurt, either. Nobody had a tougher issue to deal with than Orso. The Alabama kid going to OU when the Crimson Tide are supposed to walk all over the Sooners.

He said he heard it all the time in the weeks before the game at school. He couldn't let it go following the upset win, saying he proudly wore his OU shirt often to let them know exactly where he was going.

"I knew if we had lost, it was going to be tough at school and a lot of headaches," Orso said. "But we won, and it was unbelievable. I didn't get my voice back until two days after the game. I didn't sit down the entire time. I was up yelling when things were good and bad. It didn't matter.

"And when they won, I was ecstatic. All I'm thinking now is I can't wait to be a part of it."

Moment feels right for Garnett

The moment was almost there two weeks ago for New Orleans St. Augustine defensive lineman Courtney Garnett and OU.

Everything was in place, but he wanted to wait. The waiting ended Thursday night with his commitment to the Sooners.

"Everything was right," Garnett said. "I was waiting on the right moment and know Oklahoma is the place for me."

Garnett had his in-home visit with Bob Stoops on Thursday night, and Garnett said Stoops was there for almost three hours as they talked about everything that needed to be addressed.

Stoops gave Garnett a playful ultimatum and said he wasn't going to leave Garnett's house without Garnett's pledge. Garnett said he was coming to Oklahoma.

"I did kind of know it was going to come down to tonight," Garnett said. "I had been thinking about it and praying about it. He was so fired up and got a big smile on his face."

Stoops asked Garnett if he was still going to visit Notre Dame this weekend. Garnett said he is but don't read too much into it. He said he's going because Notre Dame is such a great school and he wants to see what it's all about.

But if any trip was serious to threaten OU then his parents would be coming along, too, but Garnett said his parents are staying home, and he's going by himself.

Following his commitment, Stoops visited fellow commit and teammate Joseph Paul. Garnett went over to Paul's house as well, and they all celebrated.

"It's a relief, and I know I have found what's right for me," Garnett said.

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