OU quarterback situation clearing up

The logjam at quarterback for OU has worked itself out in the last month. OU coaches fill us all in on what's up.

The answers are starting to come in. Oklahoma fans were wondering what the heck was going to happen with the quarterback position for the 2014 season.

There was already a logjam and former Texas Tech quarterback Baker Mayfield as a walk-on for the future, it was only getting bogged down more.

It's all working itself out. Last month quarterback Kendal Thompson announced his intention to transfer following this semester. He is going to graduate in the spring so he won't have to wait a year like most Division I transfers.

OU coach Bob Stoops was clear Wednesday that Thompson is not leaving on bad terms.

"We support Kendal. We love him here, but I told him we'll help him in any way," Stoops said. "He's going to graduate and pursue a different school being that he's a year older than Trevor, so we support him in that and told him to continue to use our facilities to stay in shape and we want to help him.

So Thompson is out, but what was OU going to do with Blake Bell? The writing was on the wall that the future is Trevor Knight. He'll only be a sophomore, and all OU fans are excited about Knight coming off his spectacular four-touchdown performance against Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Bell had the option of leaving, but he has chosen to go another route. With his size, Bell has suggested moving to tight end. Stoops and offensive coordinator Josh Heupel are 100 percent behind the decision.

"Obviously with the way Trevor (Knight) played I felt that it was probably the direction things were going to go." Heupel said. "During the break, (Blake Bell) wasn't certain on what he was going to do. He approached me when I got back into the town before I got on the road for recruiting. "We sat down and had a conversation. He said, ‘I want to play at the University of Oklahoma, I'm a Sooner, I believe I've got a chance to do something special here, I love this program, I love the university.' And because of that, decided he wanted to make a change."

It's not a half-hearted approach to the change, either. Heupel said Bell is all-in at becoming a tight end.

"His dad played 8-9 years at tight end," Stoops said. "He has the size and speed. He has exhibited his toughness through the years."

Heading into the season it looks like it will be redshirt freshman Cody Thomas as the backup although true freshman Justice Hansen is in a good position because he enrolled early.

Thomas will also be focusing on playing baseball this spring for the Sooners, and Stoops said he won't stand in the way of that. Stoops said he will talk with OU baseball coach Pete Hughes about how to make that arrangement work.

And Mayfield finally got to know his future coaches, meeting Heupel for the first time Monday and Stoops for the first time Tuesday.

"Met him for the first time last night," Stoops said. "He came up and introduced himself. He said he always wanted to be here so we'll give him the opportunity."

So a clogged up situation is now a lot smoother than it was last month. And with Knight running the show, the Sooners are happy with where they stand heading into 2014.

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