OU Class of 2014: Running back

No doubt when you talk about OU's 2014 class, running back comes to mind. Here's why.

Oklahoma finished its Class of 2014 with 26 signees and the top-rated Scout class for the Big 12 conference.

Over the next week, Sooners Illustrated is going to look back at the class and let the OU coaches help explain why fans should be excited.

Running back

Samaje Perine

A lot of the excitement is concerning Joe Mixon, but Perine was actually targeted by the OU coaching staff at around the same time. No doubt the first thing people talk about with Perine is his impressive physical stature. If he can be at around 230-240 pounds and still have that quickness and elusiveness, this is going to be a name OU fans will want to remember.

Joe Mixon

Not much more needs to be said at this point. He is OU's highest rated signee. He was the start of an incredibly strong closing month for the Sooners on the trail. Expectations are incredibly high for Mixon to come in immediately and make a huge impact. There's no doubt he will work as hard as he can to earn that opportunity.

Coaches corner

"Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine are two very physical and tough backs. He has a tough, physical running style but is elusive and can move out in space catching the football. Samaje is just incredibly physical. He was here for our junior day, and you would have thought he was a junior in college already. He is just a strong physical player." – OU coach Bob Stoops

"Yeah, everyone is going to be excited about the running backs. They are very special players. Samaje is a big, strong, physical, impressive-looking kid. When you see him walk in the door he looks like a grown man. Joe is as special a kid we've had come in here physically. Catches the ball extremely well out of the backfield, has the ability to be an extremely versatile player and I can really see him playing a variety of roles." – OU co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel

"Samaje is a very athletic guy for such a big guy. He's got great feet and great hands and a super person. He benches over 385 pounds and he squats over 500 pounds. This place should have a great competition.

"A guy like Joe Mixon, the intriguing thing about him from day one was that he saw the big picture. Joe wanted to go somewhere that was a great school, but he wanted to go somewhere that he was done they would put him in a great position at the next level. He's smart enough to look at a place like Oklahoma and see what we've done. We've got two guys that are starting in the NFL and one that is the best. Not all 17-year-olds look at that, but Joe did. Having an Adrian Peterson and DeMarco Murray is priceless." – OU running backs coach Cale Gundy

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