OU Class of 2014: Defensive line

It was his first season in Norman, and OU defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery got some top targets.

Oklahoma finished its Class of 2014 with 26 signees and the top-rated Scout class for the Big 12 conference.

Over the next week, Sooners Illustrated is going to look back at the class and let the OU coaches help explain why fans should be excited.

Defensive line

Dwayne Orso

If there's one thing OU fans learned about first-year defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery, it's that he wasn't afraid to search far and wide for his talent. Orso wasn't very well known when Montgomery first approached him, but it turned OU was just ahead of the curve. His size sure looks like it's going to be the standard for OU in terms of its defensive linemen. They're only getting bigger in Norman.

Courtney Garnett

OU never threw in the towel. The only reason he committed to Texas before OU was because he saw Austin before he saw Norman in the spring. Montgomery sees a lot of potential in Garnett, especially when he can get him in the conditioning program and mold him into the type of player he sees for the future.

Coaches corner

"Inside we have Courtney Garnett and Dwayne Orso, who is more of a four-technique who will lineup over tackles. He is a big long guy with excellent size." – OU coach Bob Stoops

"Courtney is an effort kid. He's a fast twitch kid. He'll be a good three-technique in passing downs. He plays with great technique and is very fundamental. He is a fast twitch guy. He is going to beat you with speed and athleticism. Once he gets into our strength and conditioning program he will be more of a knock-them-back guy.

"Dwayne is very athletic. I wouldn't say he is straight-line fast, but he is quicker than he is fast. When he gets a chance to get in the weight room and develop, he is going to be a massive four-technique that can play between the tackles and hold the point of attack." – OU defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery

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