OU outlook: Interior linemen

Spring football is right around the corner so Sooners Ilustrated is going to get you set with an early look at 2014 for OU.

The 2013 season is in the rear view mirror for Oklahoma. And while 2014 isn't quite here just yet, never too early to start talking how the team is shaping up.

With spring football less than two weeks away, here's an early look at how the Sooners are shaping up at all positions.

Interior linemen

The starter:

Dionte Savage, Ty Darlington and Nila Kasitati. The biggest debate here is between Savage and Adam Shead. When healthy, Shead has been very effective, but he hasn't been healthy too much.

Savage was asked to start in the most pressured spot possible against Alabama and fared very well despite a couple of pre-snap penalties. His size cannot be discounted, and he seems poised to take over at the spot.

No doubt about Kasitati, who started a lot in 2013 and should only better in 2014. Despite the fact Darlington lost a year of eligibility for a whole lot of nothing last season, he will certainly make his presence known as the center for the next two seasons.

Next in line:

Already mentioned Shead. Some other names to watch will be the returning Tyler Evans. After all those injuries, does he still have the ability to play big-time college football?

This should also be a pretty big season in regards to sophomore Kyle Marrs. He hasn't made an impact at all in his first two seasons on campus. If it doesn't happen now, it's possible it just never will.

And when looking at the 2014 additions, Natrell Curtis is the name to watch. He feels like the most ready to play at guard heading into the season. But we're still a ways away from making that type of declaration.

On the radar:

Darlington should have the center position locked down next two years so it will be interesting to see if either Jonathan Alvarez or Alex Dalton move to another position as both feel like natural fits at center. A move to be guard might do well for at least one of them.

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