OU outlook: Defensive tackle

Sooners Illustrated continues to preview OU's spring with a look at how things are at defensive tackle.

The 2013 season is in the rear view mirror for Oklahoma. And while 2014 isn't quite here just yet, never too early to start talking how the team is shaping up.

With spring football less than a week away, here's an early look at how the Sooners are shaping up at all positions.

Defensive tackle

The starter:

Jordan Phillips. Provided he has fully recovered from his back surgery, Phillips is the guy. He was on his way to a breakout season before the injury happened. Big-time potential.

Next in line:

Take your pick. Jordan Wade seems like the obvious one because of the way he stepped up when Phillips went down. But the name to look out for is redshirt freshman Charles Walker.

Teammates couldn't talk enough about Walker after the bowl practices. He has grown into that beast OU was looking for when it recruited him.

The depth continues with Torrea Peterson and Quincy Russell. Thought to be the savior of the group last year, Russell didn't actually do all that much when he got to campus. Part of that was because of a back injury. Peterson has also dealt with some off the field issues.

On the radar:

OU went after one defensive tackle for the 2014 class and there doesn't look like there is any room for Courtney Garnett to make an impact this season. He'll definitely get plenty of work against good competition in practice, though.

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