Quick hitter: Hatari Byrd

It didn't happen as fast as some anticipated for Hatari Byrd, but his sophomore season could be something special at OU.

Oklahoma fans were pretty pumped when safety Hatari Byrd decided to leave Fresno, Calif., to head to Norman to play for the Sooners.

There were high expectations that Byrd might be able to come straight from high school to being a starting safety last season. That didn't quite pan out, but Byrd never got discouraged.

Now the safety position is wide open. Though Quentin Hayes seems to have one of the spots locked down, the other one is there for the taking. Byrd is hoping he's the one that makes that leap.

How have you progressed since last spring?

I've come a long way. I'm just getting better each day and trying to keep competing. I feel like I'm doing pretty good.

Only two weeks into spring, but how do you feel things have been going so far?

It has been pretty good. It's taking a whole bunch of hard work, a whole bunch of staying focused, reading things out, but everything has been pretty good.

The competition is obviously fierce between the wide receivers and defensive backs. How are things going in those matchups?

The matchups are going good. Everybody is out there competing, trying to get better. That's all we have to do is compete every day.

You were considered a physical safety coming out of high school, how is your physical presence right now?

I'm getting better each day. I feel like I'm more comfortable than I was last year. I feel like I'm doing pretty well. There's still some stuff I got to get better with in terms of seeing everything and my technique.

How surprised were you getting into the game against Tulsa after Gabe Lynn's injury?

It caught me off guard, definitely caught me off guard. But I was the next person up. Things were moving kind of fast. There was a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know really well, but I think everything went pretty well in the end.

How is your relationship with Ahmad Thomas?

It's really good. We're always talking about things and always competing. We're just trying to make each other better.

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