Quick hitter: Baker Mayfield

It has been a long few months for Baker Mayfield, but he has found a home at OU.

Things at Oklahoma could be a lot more interesting if Baker Mayfield was eligible to participate for the 2014 season.

Following a solid walk-on freshman season at Texas Tech, Mayfield left Lubbock and has found a new home in Norman with the Sooners.

It was ruled earlier this year, however, Mayfield must sit out a year even though he wasn't a scholarship player.

The only action Mayfield will see on the field was last weekend in the spring game. He made it count, going 9 of 9 passing for 125 yards and two touchdowns. Following the game, Mayfield spoke about his situation and his future at OU.

How do you stay patient?

I had the plan to come here because I want to win a national championship. So whether it's driving the defense on scout team or doing whatever, just trying to make this place better. I grew up an OU fan, so I'm just trying to help out however I can.

How did you grow up an OU fan?

I grew up in Austin. It was kind of an odd thing. But my dad had some friends who used to coach here and we used to come to the games. They used to come up and watch Quentin Griffin, Antonio Perkins, all those guys back in the day. So, just kind of born into it.

Is if fair that you have to sit out this season?

Not at all. But I'm past that point and I've just gotta focus on what's happening now and just getting better.

When you announced you were leaving and it was rumored you were coming to OU, it seemed like bad timing coming off the Sugar Bowl. Why the Sooners?

One thing I base my whole life on is competition. I think that drives me to be the better person. In high school I wasn't even supposed to start; just battling throughout that. And even if Blake (Bell) and Kendal (Thompson) still were here and playing quarterback, I think I'd still be here right now pushing myself to be better. Not afraid of competition, and I think that's just how it goes.

Did you look around at other schools in Texas before deciding on OU?

I thought about it. But through the initial recruiting process, after not getting looked at by those places when I was right there next to them, it's just a revenge kind of thing. I wanted to come here anyways, and I've always been a fan, so it just kind of worked out.

Since you can't play, what's your role with the team going forward?

I'm gonna push those guys during practice and in the film room. We're all gonna have to get better. We're all gonna help each other out. Then come season time, scout team. Just gonna get those guys better. I'll use that as experience for me. I'll go up against a great defense, obviously, that we have. I'll get better and make them better, too.

Did you surprise yourself last year with your success as a true freshman?

Not really. I mean, I ran the same offense in high school. It was a really easy transition going into that. Just knowing the offense and going into that, it was the same type of tempo and stuff like that. Surprised that I got to play, but I wasn't surprised how I handled it. I thought I could handle it, so that's why I took a chance on walking on.

With the inexperience at quarterback, is Bell still helping you guys out in little ways?

Some of the stuff he's doing at the tight end spot, he's telling us what to look for just from experience. I mean, he hasn't been in the QB room. He's working on his stuff, getting better at his schemes. But he's given me a couple little tips and pointers what to look for in tight end sets, because I haven't run this many tight end sets in my whole life. So he's helping me with that aspect.

Were you surprised when Blake decided to switch positions?

It was surprising. Just because they were on and off the whole year and I didn't know. But I think he's handling it well. He went all in and now he's competing for a starting spot at the tight end spot, and I feel like he's doing a good job.

Do you think Trevor Knight is growing as a leader?

Oh yeah. He steps into a room and instantly the energy goes up and everybody pays attention. That's how it has to be. Because we want to win a national championship around here and the leader has to be the starting quarterback and he's doing a great job of that. He carried himself through the offseason great and got everybody going in early mornings, everything we were doing on our own.

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