Case leaving OU for Texas

After three years at OU, director of player personnel Reed Case is going to Texas. Sooners need to take time and find the right man for this crucial job.

Another shot fired in the Red River Rivalry. Not with a recruit, but with a key member of the recruiting department as Reed Case has left Oklahoma to go to Texas, Longhorn Digest reported Monday afternoon.

Case was entering his second season as OU's director of player personnel and his fourth season overall at OU. He served as on-campus recruiting coordinator for OU during his first two seasons.

Not a name known by a lot of OU fans, Case worked hand-in-hand with coach Bob Stoops in the recruiting department. Doing things from player evaluations to scholarship management and coordinating the recruiting calendars for the staff, he was important even if not a household name.

Case is leaving to serve in a similar role at Texas where he will be the on-campus director of football recruiting. Case's wife has been teaching at Texas the whole time he has been at OU so it's possible he wanted to be closer to her.

Case's departure leaves the door open for OU to find somebody and make a splash in the recruiting department. It's something the Sooners need after a rough couple of months on the trail.

New blood, new energy and perhaps a new method of doing things. Case was never a reason for why recruits picked OU, but he did a good job of coordinating things to make sure recruits made it campus.

As recruiting continues to grow in its importance and evaluations and offers happen earlier and earlier, this upcoming hire is crucial to the future success of the Sooners.

The ability to communicate with the coaches and recruits and recruits' parents ends up being pivotal in the process that it might take some time for OU to find the exact right fit.

It's a blow, for sure, especially during the spring evaluation period, but it will pay off in the end if OU takes its time and finds a home run hire.

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