Quick hitter: Bob Stoops

OU coach Bob Stoops addressed the media Tuesday to talk spring football and more.

With spring football wrapping up across the country, Big 12 coaches addressed the media Tuesday morning in a teleconference.

Here are some highlights from what Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had to say.

Director of player personnel Reed Case officially left the program Monday. What are some of his duties?

Most of all a guy that administrates recruiting, someone that understands recruiting, can host people when they are here, can direct our coaches and organize and help Coach (Cale) Gundy, who is our recruiting coordinator and organize where everyone is at and keep up with it all.

Are you open to Division I transfers? Case-by-case situation? Is it possible Baker Mayfield could earn a scholarship?

Yeah, we're open to them for sure. Justin Brown came in here in a different circumstance from Penn State really made a huge impact a couple of years ago. I think everybody is, if it's in the right circumstances, and it's a positive fit for you.

We'll see what the future holds for him (Mayfield). Right now that hasn't been determined.

The spring game had a record attendance this year of 43,500. What does that say about the program and the fans?

We've always had a great fan base, for sure. With our administration and me agreeing to it, we just did more with the spring game, promotion-wise and made it a little more fan friendly and a little bit more entertaining with some of the things that we did. We had a perfect day for it and fortunately we had a great turnout. We have sold out every game for 16 years, so we have a great fan base, for sure.

One of biggest surprises of the spring was true freshman Dimitri Flowers. Were you surprised at how well he was able to do?

We're very aware when we see very good football players, and they may not have all the stars or may not fit any one particular position. But we love the way they play. They're smart, have size, can play multiple positions.

This is the first guy in three years that we felt reminded us of Trey Millard because they aren't easy to find. We get him on campus, and he's everything and more than we thought he would be. We're elated with all the things he can do and how similar he is to Trey Millard and all the versatility Trey gave to us.

The College Football Playoff begins this season. How do you think this will be different from the BCS?

I don't know that it's going to affect anything in the way you operate what you do. Maybe the only thing I can maybe anticipate is teams that haven't been playing a very difficult nonconference schedule may step that up a little bit to ensure that, when all things are equal, that with four teams you may be the fifth or sixth team, and if you played a more difficult nonconference schedule, you may get the nod instead of somebody else. There may be a little more of that. Other than that, I don't see much difference.

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