Stoops on Stadium Project

University of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops talks about the new 370 million dollar stadium project...

"It's incredibly exciting. It shows you the great commitment that's here at the University of Oklahoma from President Boren through all the administration to continually push forward and pursue greatness. I think it also speaks to our support structure, our fan base and our alumni base throughout the country to be able to put forth a project like this. It's going to be great for everybody.

"You look back at over 100 years of football at Oklahoma and the stadium expansions that have happened throughout the years, it's really pretty special. This is probably the piece that will complete it, so it's really exciting to be having this done at this time for this group of people and for our fan base.

"It's really quite amazing in my going on 16 years how the stadium has changed. From the cinder block facade out front when I first arrived here to the addition of the east deck on with the suites, the facade that's there right now really blends with the University. It's already improved over the years and this is just another big piece of it.

"The part I'm most excited about is the player piece of it. We're really upgrading everything where our student-athletes work in on a daily basis from the training room to the strength and conditioning area. It will be much improved and enhanced. The meeting rooms will be larger and bigger, as well as the locker room. Every piece that the players utilize on a daily basis will be improved and upgraded for them. I know they are incredibly excited about it, as well."

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