Strength of Schedule: Louisiana Tech

The Sooners' schedule begins with its weakest opponent.

During the next week, we'll take a quick look at Oklahoma's 2014 schedule, from weakest opponent to the biggest game. It starts with Louisiana Tech, the Sooners' season-opening opponent from Conference USA.

1. Louisiana Tech

2013 record: 4-8

Last year vs. OU: N/A

Why this game is dangerous: It's really not. That's why it is at the top of this list. The Sooners bring back a ton of depth and plenty of firepower. The only real hiccup could come from quarterback Trevor Knight, who appears ready to take the full-time reigns as the Sooners' starting quarterback. But what if he isn't as ready as most believe? That's still a huge stretch.

Players to watch: There's a chance for wide receiver Sterling Shepard to take a bigleap this year, but in the season opener, it'll be more important for Oklahoma to figure out who wants to stand in line behind Shepard and give Knight options. There's a long list, but right now, it's more of a jumble. They won't need many big plays in this game, but it'll be key moving forward.

Prediction: Sooners cruise in this one – by at least three scores. There's a reason for games like this, and at home, there aren't many teams better than Oklahoma, which has won 87 home games since 1999.

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