OU's state of the class: Defense

With the coaches taking a little break, catching up with how OU's class looks for defense for 2015.

It’s the dog days of summer as Oklahoma coaches attempt to take it easy for the only time of year before things get heated up again next month.

With that said, not too much is happening for the Sooners on the recruiting trail. It’s more a case of what’s to come in the future compared to what’s going on now.

Following a two-week vacation/wedding/honeymoon, returned to Sooners Illustrated this week, and we’ll take a look at how things have changed in three weeks with each position for the Class of 2015.

Defensive end

The biggest question mark in the class right now is at defensive end. There haven’t been a lot of offers made by Jerry Montgomery. There haven’t been any commitments. And there doesn’t appear to be any favorites on the board.

The only thing locked down is an official visit for Contra Costa juco prospect Takkarist McKinley, which is set for Bedlam weekend. It still feels like OU will take two for the class, but your guess is as good as mine as to where that comes from.

Defensive tackle

This position has taken a huge hit since May when it seemed like there were almost too many options to consider for the Sooners.

As always, things have a way of working themselves out. With Kahlil McKenzie officially off the board, he joins the likes of Kingsley Keke, Breiden Fehoko of saying OU is not for them.

The biggest news has to be with Cypress (Texas) Falls linemen Du’Vonta Lampkin. Usually after somebody decommits from a school, they’re all but gone. However, there is no reason to think OU and Lampkin have parted ways, especially after how the last month has shaken out.

Lampkin is set for his official visit to OU for the Tennessee game and don’t be surprised if he recommits to the Sooners. OU definitely needs at least one quality commit and maybe two more.

The wild card continues to be Dallas Bishop Dunne’s Darrion Daniels, who is about as mum about things on the recruiting trail as anybody in recent history.

Like Bedenbaugh on offense, you can’t say Jerry Montgomery is not putting in the work on the trail. That dedication should be rewarded, but no idea when things will come into a more clear perspective.


The most intriguing position of the last month has been linebacker. No doubt about it. As everybody keeps waiting to see what Dallas Skyline’s Anthony Wheeler does, a number of top prospects keep slipping the name OU into their conversations.

The one that fans should be on high alert for is definitely Columbus (Ohio) Walnut Ridge’s Anthony McKee. From talking to him, he’s about as high on OU as a non-regional prospect can be who hasn’t seen the campus.

His whole goal has been to get to OU this month and hopefully make his selection. If he sees Norman, that should wrap things up.

OU is also still on the tongue for Arthur McGinnis from New Orleans. He released a top list last week and Sooners remain in good standing. Wouldn’t say things are as likely with McGinnis as with McKee, but it’s still good news.

Throw in Tempe (Ariz.) Cornoa Del Sol’s Cassius Peat in there as well. OU making his top six was big-time news as was getting his date locked down for his official visit.

The only issue is outside of Wheeler, all of OU’s top targets are not from the region. That can make things awfully tricky. Because getting the commit is one thing, but making it stick when you’re hundreds of miles away is another.


OU is playing the waiting game at quarterback, and it sure feels like the Sooners can do the same thing at cornerback. With one more spot looking likely for the class, OU can wait things out and then pounce on who is still available.

And when you look out west, there is a lot of talent still available. Even when someone like Isaiah Langley picks USC, that doesn’t affect things all that much.

Between guys like Ykili Ross and Dechaun Holiday and Stanley Norman, there are options galore for OU. And a wild card remains with Lawton (Okla.) High’s Darreyl Patterson and if he’ll ever get an offer.

Needless to say that with two quality commits already in their back pocket, the Sooners don’t have to make any rash decisions. And needless to say with the way Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson commit P.J. Mbanasor performed at The Opening, OU is getting a great one from the Austin area.


It sounds like a broken record at this point, but OU has done all the right things with Waco (Texas) Midway safety Kahlil Haughton and Midwest City (Okla.) High safety Will Sunderland.

Other safeties like Justin Reid might be lurking in the distance, but there’s no reason to believe OU won’t be the choice for both Haughton and Sunderland.

If that’s the case, job well done by the OU coaches in the safety department. The caveats that remain with those guys will be if Haughton picks Baylor instead of OU and if OU decides it doesn’t want to wait around with Sunderland like it did last year with Steven Parker.

Sunderland has felt like a slam dunk since getting the offer Aug. 31 and sometimes that can rub people wrong. It will be interesting to see if OU pushes a bit with some pressure to Sunderland to see how he responds.

Special teams

Nothing to see here. OU has its kicker/punter in Belleville (Ill.) West’s Austin Seibert. Jay Boulware went for the best and got him. It’s locked up.

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