Hill with an important task at OU

OU has made its hire at director of player personnel. Drew Hill has an important job coming up.

The news doesn’t sound flashy. Doesn’t feel like it’s a huge deal, but it definitely will be for Oklahoma football.

The last couple of years have seen a gradual process of OU coach Bob Stoops adapting with today’s culture and catering to what recruits love and want.

It started with coaching changes, much needed breaths of fresh air. Between Jerry Montgomery (defensive line), Bill Bedenbaugh (offensive line) and Jay Boulware (tight ends/special teams), there felt like a new attitude in Norman for the 2013 season.

A couple of weeks ago the trend continued. Stoops, known to be a stickler stuck in the mud with old times, once again showed his ability to evolve with the introduction of alternate uniforms.

No doubt the uniform craze is at the forefront of recruiting as each university tries to outdo what the other one is doing.

But Tuesday saw something different as OU announced it has hired Drew Hill to be the director of player personnel. In essence, when it comes to a good deal about recruiting from this day forward, it’s in Hill’s hands.

That’s a scary thought, a lot of responsibility, but one heck of an opportunity. The last couple of years haven’t been smooth sailing for the Sooners in that department. Heck, last winter a planned junior day got scrapped less than two weeks from when it was supposed to occur.

There was no lasting damage from that event as recruits like Justice Hansen and Jeffery Mead still ended up being Sooners, but it sure didn’t give a nice look to the crimson and cream.

It’s going to be up to Hill to make sure a debacle like that never happens again. What will be intriguing to see is what initiatives he will have planned down the road even if it’s not in his official title. Almost every big-time school has things like junior days, banquet weekends and spring games, but OU doesn’t do anything to separate itself from the pack like some other schools.

No mid-summer event that allures kids to Norman. Nothing incredibly unique about an official visit that screams “I want to go there.”

The Sooners have sold themselves on tradition and championships. Not the worst idea in the world, but part of Hill’s job will be to be in tune with what today’s kid wants.

OU has been incredibly lacking in the flashy recruiting department. Decorating letters and things of that nature. Recruits are quick to post them on Twitter, but you won’t find an OU one no matter how hard you look down a timeline.

They’re bland, basic and usually not in the staggering amounts of SEC schools. Not comparing OU to SEC because Sooners showed all they needed to vs. Alabama, just saying perception can mean more than reality in recruiting.

The patience OU showed in making this move doesn’t strike anybody as odd if you’ve ever followed the program before. And Hill doesn’t sound like a home run hire, but he has quietly worked his way up the ladder.

From Southern Mississippi to Fresno State to Colorado State and now to the Sooners. Success of recruiting won’t boil down to just Hill, but this is one move that cannot be a misfire in Norman.

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