Best of Stoops

Bob Stoops wasn't just doling out tired cliches this week at Big 12 media days.

In a week full of tired clichés, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops bucked that trend and was definitely among the more interesting interviews this week.

Here’s a collection of some of the things Stoops said at Big 12 media days Tuesday in Dallas.

On Dorial Green-Beckham

“In the end, I am not one to easily give up on young people. Dorial or anybody else. My coaches will tell you. We have a firm background in discipline. And I have given a lot of our players more than two chances to improve, to do things right and to show that you can grow from this and be the kind of person and citizen we want you to be.

“I believe Dorial can do that. And I feel strongly that he and all the people we work with deserve that chance, to show they can be that kind of person. Again, I’m not one to give up on kids in a quick way. I never have. Hopefully, he’ll take this opportunity and show everyone the true character and person that he can be and is.”

On the tough off the field situations for DGB and Frank Shannon

“Everything gives you pause, one way or the other in any of these situations. They’re never entered into lightly, regardless of one situation or the other. They’re totally different in scope and everything that’s happened. One incident doesn’t affect the other. In my eyes, they’re two individuals and you try and deal with all situations and circumstances individually.”

On where the Alabama win ranks in his book

“There’s quite a few more significant in my eyes. So I’m not sure. It’s not time to rank anything, but in the end, I’ve got several that are ahead of that one. I’ll maybe have a pamphlet or a book someday when I’m retired and then I can say it. I might have a handbook. A book might take up too much of my golf time.” Stoops did say OU’s win vs. Nebraska in 2000 is one of those that trumps the Sugar Bowl victory.

On the ambitious non-conference schedule he and athletic director Joe Castiglione have put together

“Joe has worked hard on our schedule. He has always confided in me, and we’ve been in agreement on who we were to playing the out-of-conference schedule. And we’re proud of that. We just came off the last four years with series against Notre Dame and Florida State.

“Now we’ve got Tennessee and Ohio State coming with Nebraska and Michigan on down the road. When all things are equal with records and whatnot, if someone has played a tougher nonconference schedule, to some degree, it would usually benefit you. Otherwise, why play? Otherwise, you might as well just schedule three yawners that no one will pay attention to and not put yourself at risk of losing that game.”

On this year’s expectations

“Oh, I don’t know, every year is about the same this time of year. We’re very excited about the group of guys we have and the potential we have. But at the end of the day, it’s about what you do on the field and not what you do in July.”

On this year’s defense

“It could potentially be one of the best defenses we’ve had. I think that’s true, for sure, because of how strong we are up front. I’ve always said when you’re line is strong, it definitely helps with the rest of the defense. And we have a lot of guys coming back who are ready.”

On Dimitri Flowers

“When we were recruiting him, you know, we saw that had a lot of similar abilities as Trey Millard. But it didn’t really hit us until we got him here. He is so much like Trey Millard. If he grew some longer hair and put No. 33 on him, you would think it’s Trey.”

On the maturation of Sterling Shepard

“I think he has become that vocal leader during the winter and spring. He has always been a big leader in terms of his work ethic and things like that. But he has made that next step in terms of being a more vocal guy.”

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