Sooner Quotables

OU players were back addressing the media this week. Here are some of the best quotes from the sessions.

Oklahoma has wrapped up its first week of media availability. Here are some of the best quotes from the players this week.

Tight end Blake Bell

“It was my decision (to change to tight end). There were a lot of different scenarios I could have chosen. One was to stay here and the other was to go transfer, but who knows how long that kind of process would take, and I really love the guys that we’re returning. I think we have a great squad and really wanted to come back and help win a Big 12 and national championship. The main thing was I wanted to finish here at Oklahoma. I wanted to leave my legacy here.”

Offensive tackle Tyrus Thompson

“This is the first time we’ve ever been able to rotate in two-a-days (since he has been at OU). Definitely a lot more guys in there. Definitely a lot of talent in there. This offensive line is deep. I am really excited to see what these guys are going to do, and I think it will be a great year for us.”

Wide receiver Sterling Shepard

“I have had a lot of guys before me who showed me the way to do that (lead) with Kenny Stills and Jalen Saunders. They kind of paved the way for me, and I am just trying to do the same thing for the younger guys. I feel like I had to wait my freshman year behind all those great receivers, and I was behind Jalen observing what he did well. I feel like it’s my turn to step up, and I am ready to do that.”

Defensive end Charles Tapper

“Coach Montgomery, he has come in and made a great impact as you can see. He has been teaching us techniques from all the coaches he has learned from in the past. Like with Coach Montgomery, if we do the wrong thing, he actually sits us down and teaches us the right thing to do, like how we got our hands wrong or something. He will bring us in and sit us down after practice and keep going over it.”

Tight end Taylor McNamara

“I think we are committing to that, and I think it’s going to be good for us. It’s been a process. It’s really about playing the best 11 players, and I think they think that this is our best chance to move the ball forward and be good on offense so they are using us a little more than in the past. It’s exciting.”

Running back Keith Ford

“In high school everybody is not trying to go for the ball. At this level, everybody is trying to strip it, and everybody is trying to make turnovers. It’s just a transition from high school to college. It’s a big transition.”

CB Dakota Austin

“Patience (difference this year). I am a lot more patient. Last year I was really just jittery. I was fully depending on talent. I feel like I have a lot more experience, and I know what to expect. I can listen to coach and better understand him.”

Center Ty Darlington

“He’s (Trevor Knight) a competitor no matter what we’re doing. Whether we’re just playing simple little games back at our house with our roommates or whether we’re on the field – he’s a competitor.”

Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips

“Nope and that was a good thing (not facing Keith Ford in the Oklahoma Drill this year).”

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