Daniels Talks Top Schools, Family

Dallas Bishop Dunne defensive tackle Darrion Daniels announced his top 10 schools Saturday on Twitter. RaiderPower.com caught up the four-star recruit, rated as the No. 16 defensive tackle and No. 208 overall recruit in the nation by Scout.com. Daniels talked about which schools he'll definitely be making official visits to, family, his relationship with the Texas Tech coaching staff and more.

The following is a Q&A conducted over Twitter through direct messages.

RP: Saw the Top 10 this morning. Do you have a commitment date in mind or do you not know yet?

Daniels: Late November or early December.

RP: Do you know where you'll be taking your officials yet? Or at least any for sure?

Daniels: OU, Tech and Baylor for sure they've been with me the whole ride through and haven't let up yet.

RP: Do you know which games/dates yet for those schools?

Daniels: No sir, not yet.

RP: I know everybody's after ya, but who's recruiting you the hardest right now?

Daniels: I'm not too attached to anybody. My dad (former Texas Tech standout defensive end Tony Daniels) said give them time they'll show their true colors.

RP: That's true, and your dad would know better than most. How much have you leaned on him for direction in the recruiting process? Any other advice he's given you about being recruited stand out?

Daniels: Not really just regular parenting stuff about respecting everybody and being somebody that you would want your kids to follow.

RP: Of course Payton's [Hendrix] at Tech, but do you have any other former HS teammates at any of the schools you're considering? Is that a big deal to you?

Daniels: No sir.

RP: Do you talk with any the commits from the other schools? For example, do you talk with any of Tech's commits? If so, who?

Daniels: Yes sir. [Breiden] Fehoko, we talk every once in a while. I've talked to Corey Dauphine recently also.

RP: You told me before that coach [Trey] Haverty was leading your recruitment for Tech. What is your relationship with him like? What other Tech coaches do you speak with on a regular basis?

Daniels: Well, coach Haverty is crazy, he's always quick to give a funny insult and always talking about if they don't get me they always have my bro. And our relationship is really good and I also talk to coach [Kevin] Curtis and coach [John] Scott on a regular basis.

RP: Hahaha!

Daniels: Lol, my baby brother loves that.

RP: How old's your little bro?

Daniels: He's 14.

RP: Uh oh, this just got serious. What's his name? Does he play? And how big is he?

Daniels: Lol, yes he does play. His name is Damion Daniels. He's 6'3, 295. He started last year at right guard but he'll be on hold this year due to a fractured knee. He's only a sophomore and he'll be back by playoffs playing the 1 technique in our 4-man front next to me.

RP: Wow on the size. Sorry about the injury. That's cool that y'all get to play next to one another. That's no joke up front. This is great stuff. Am I missing anything? Anything you'd like to add?

Daniels: No, but I do have one comment.

RP: What's Up?

Daniels: The Bishop Dunne defense is gonna be great this year.......but the defensive line will be the best in the state.

RP: Who else is up front for y'all? Break it down.

Daniels: My baby cousin who is gonna be a Jr. next year at end, Jordan Roberson. Our other end, Timothy Jones, who played at Desoto but came back to Dunne to finish where he started. And Jared Alex another end who runs a 4.6 but can get to the QB faster than anyone. Not to forget about me and my baby bro.

RP: Wow. No kidding. Y'all aren't messing around. Hey by the way, what's your official height/weight? Where you at heading to your senior year?

Daniels: I'm 6'4.5 and 310.

RP: OK. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. Keep me updated on what's going on with you and Damion's recovery, too.

Daniels: No problem.

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