Stoops vs. Stoops

Oklahoma coaching brothers not afraid to give their honest opinion on matters.

Now, not even brothers agree all the time. Here are two instances from this week, where Bob Stoops and Mike Stoops didn’t exactly see eye to eye:

On Jordan Evans

Bob Stoops --- “I’m expecting Jordan to have a great year. He’s a guy that has really come on. He’s probably the biggest guy we’ve got. He’s all of 220-222. He had a really good spring and summer. He’s very natural in there. We’re expecting Jordan to really make a difference for us this year.”

Mike Stoops ---“ He was a guy that we leaned on heavily a year ago, and he knows our defense. … He got thrown in to the fire a little bit before he was ready, and it has made him much better prepared to help us.”

On it being easier for freshmen to come in and play safety

Bob Stoops --- “Probably. I was initially going to say no we haven’t. The last couple years, what we’ve been doing in the 50 front or even in particular last year and what we’re doing too, has simplified to a degree, yes. Mike’s style is always pretty adamant that he is always going to do less better than more.”

Mike Stoops --- “It’s hard, and I’m teaching him two positions. Now, it’s doubly hard. That’s difficult.”

On Curtis Bolton and Tay Evans

Bob Stoops --- “They’re good players and they’ll be good. They just need a little bit of time to figure everything out.”

Mike Stoops --- “He’s still struggling as a freshman and has a ways to go, not as far along as Dominique was at this time, but he’s getting reps.” (Bolton) … “He’s playing good. He’s done a good job.” (Evans)

On Geneo Grissom switching to LB

Bob Stoops --- “Here’s a guy now, who is used to going against tackles, is now going against tight ends. It has made us more physical. It’s made us bigger out on the edge, taller, rangier. And we still can put him in pass rush position when we need to.”

Mike Stoops --- “Geneo can do a lot of different things. We move him around. We move a lot of our players based on personnel, based on what’s on the field. We adjust our defense. It’s more multiple than we’ve been in the past. That’s where we’ve probably changed the most.”

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