OU's biggest summer development?

Safe to say the OU summer has been anything but boring. But what has stood out the most?

In the beginning of June, it sure looked like it would be one lazy summer at Oklahoma. But boy did that change in a hurry.

The question now in mid-August is what has been the biggest development in Norman this summer? Sooners Illustrated asked, and you answered.

No. 5 Alternate uniforms (5 votes)

OU has always been one to talk tradition, but Bob Stoops has finally come around to having some alternate uniforms going forward. That’s all we know. No idea what game it will be for, how often or any of that stuff.

From the SI forum:

SoonerKeith7: I went with the uniforms (almost went with the stadium), just because I never thought OU would go with an alternate.

No. 4 Frank Shannon suspended by university for one year, appealing ruling (10 votes)

Everybody knew something was up with OU’s leading tackler last season, no idea to the severity after being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. No charges were filed, but a separate university Title IX investigation ruled Shannon to be suspended for one year. Shannon and his attorneys are still fighting the initial ruling.

From the SI forum:

Puzzletot: I say losing Frank Shannon has to be the biggest. He is a big part of the defense whereas DGB, Mixon nor Mayfield have ever played a down at OU.

No. 3 Freshman Joe Mixon being investigated for an alleged assault (18 votes)

Nothing has still been decided yet regarding Mixon and what happened after his 18th birthday celebration. Norman Police Department has not made a ruling despite having all the video evidence and having interviewed numerous witnesses. Mixon is not practicing with the team until the situation is resolved.

No. 2 The arrival of Dorial Green-Beckham (19 votes)

Wide receivers coach Jay Norvell had never recruited a player longer than Green-Beckham from his high school days. After two quality years on the field at Missouri, off the field transgressions led to his dismissal. He arrived in Norman on July 3, and there has been a buzz ever since. His appeal has been filed to the NCAA, and now it’s just a waiting game.

From the SI forum:

Jone6587: DGB for me. Uniforms, suspensions and stadium upgrades are the norm. OU going after a (troubled) once in a generation talent the way they did was definitely out of the norm. OU isn’t known in the Stoops era for making waves such as this. Taking on a risky player such as DGB (and the media/credibility hits he’s taking) is just below firing several of his longtime assistant coaches on my “wow” scale.

Gocommodores: You just randomly add the most talented player to play at OU since Adrian Peterson in the offseason when no one saw it coming? Obviously it only matters if he’s ruled eligible (or if he sticks around to play for a year if he’s not cleared).

No. 1 Stadium renovations (23 votes)

The latest stadium project actually has nothing to do with capacity, but it will be about improving the overall experience for fans at OU. Add to that all the new things being installed from the weight room to the locker room to meeting rooms, etc., the future for OU football couldn’t be brighter.

From the SI forum:

NealKenn: Stadium renovations. This stadium is gonna be amazing. Something to take pride in, something that will drop jaws. Can’t wait to see it.

Soonerfandave84: Definitely the stadium. Players come and go, but the stadium will be here for decades to come. Spending that type of money is huge for OU football more than any of these players might/might not contribute.

Thanks to all those who voted.

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