Quick living up to his name

Expectations are high for Michiah Quick, and he's doing just fine so far.

With a last name like Quick, all the bad puns in the world have already been explored for Oklahoma freshman wide receiver Michiah Quick.

For the last month, we’ve heard some of those puns. Most often heard statement regarding Quick: “Quick, he’s quick.”

“He’s too quick to handle,” wide receiver Sterling Shepard said.

Just because it doesn’t sound all that creative doesn’t mean it’s not true, though. The former four-star stud from Fresno (Calif.) Central is showing Quick more than a last name.

He’s quick with the ball in his hands. He’s quick in getting off the line with his first step. He’s a quick learner.

“You know, when Ryan Broyles was a young player, he was very athletic and very quick and had a feel for situations and getting open,” wide receivers coach Jay Norvell said. “Quick is like that. He’s a bigger athlete than Ryan. He is little bit stronger than Ryan, too, but when you tell him to go out and get open on a route, he just finds a way to do it.”

The crown jewel of OU’s 2014 class was certainly five-star running back Joe Mixon. Nobody is going to deny that. With his bubbly personality and activity on social media, fans felt like they knew who Mixon was before he even stepped on campus.

Quick, though, has been quiet. Not very active on Twitter, not very boisterous in nature that some forget just how coveted he was.

Coming from the same school as his cousin, Hatari Byrd, Quick, like Byrd, had to wait to get to Norman because Fresno Central doesn’t end school until mid-July.

Since he has been on campus, all he has done is all the little things that have many believing he’ll be one of the few true freshmen who will see playing time this weekend against Louisiana Tech.

“The way he moves, he’s slippery,” cornerback Zack Sanchez said. “He can make people miss and can run away from you. That’s one thing you need to do as a slot receiver. Everybody is really impressed with what he has done.”

The transition for Quick has been a little easier because of the fact Byrd is on campus, too. Byrd said he’s letting his cousin find his own way, only playing a role if Quick has any questions.

So far Quick has been up to the task in terms of all the expectations being thrown his way. He most likely won’t be starting against Louisiana Tech, but it’s obvious in listening to Norvell that Quick is on the right track.

“You don’t have to tell him a whole lot,” Norvell said. “He is a football player. Some kids just take information and apply it naturally. He is one of those guys.

“It is never a struggle for him. He finds a way to be successful. You find that you can do a lot with those guys because they can transfer from the meeting room to the practice field really well.”

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