Take 3: Bell ready to be backup QB

Stoops was back to recap La Tech and look ahead to Tulsa.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season OU coach Bob Stoops has his weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated will give you the three most important things to take from the session.

Game No. 2: at Tulsa (1-0)

Take No. 1: OU played a clean game

Won’t happen often, but Stoops really didn’t have any harsh words for the way OU performed Saturday night. There are obviously little things that need to be corrected, but it was a pretty clean game.

What does that mean? Stoops stressed no procedure penalties on either side of the ball, no foolish penalties. No busted assignments or missed blocks.

While top teams like Alabama and Florida State struggled, the Sooners rolled. But Stoops was very quick to say that’s not fair to say considering the opponents the three teams played.

He gave Louisiana Tech credit but said opponent does have something to do with in terms of getting off to as good of a start as the Sooners did Saturday.

Take No. 2: Bell is ready at backup quarterback if necessary

It was pretty clear the Sooners didn’t quite have a backup quarterback ready to roll Saturday. Now it’s true OU had options in guys like Cody Thomas, Justice Hansen and even Blake Bell, but the plan seemed to be about riding Trevor Knight for as long as possible.

Thomas will be the guy, but he has been limited because of a muscle strain. Stoops said Bell is healthy and was still taking quarterback reps last week.

“The kids were teasing him, saying he’s still got it,” Stoops said.

The projection is, however, that Thomas will be ready to play this week. It does sound, that no matter what, OU is not going to burn the redshirt for quarterback Justice Hansen.

Take No. 3: OU-Tulsa is good for the state of Oklahoma

If you’re looking for bad blood between the Sooners and Golden Hurricane, you’re going to have to keep looking. You won’t find it with Stoops.

“Coach Blankenship and his staff do a great job,” Stoops said. “They had a great game the other night, exciting to see them win in overtime.”

Tulsa came to OU last year and the Sooners are returning the favor this year. Something like that doesn’t really benefit the OU program in any majorly different way. But what Stoops did say is he likes what it means for the state of Oklahoma.

“It’s great for the state,” Stoops said. “For our people, for Tulsa hopefully. The travel expenses are not that much. We’re always rooting for them. I know I do whenever they’re playing somebody else.”

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