Take 3: It's Tennessee week

Stoops was back to address the media in preparation for Tennessee week.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season OU coach Bob Stoops has his weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated will give you the three most important things to take from the session.

Game No. 3: vs. Tennessee (2-0)

Take No. 1: Butch Jones in same spot as Stoops

Even before Stoops took to the podium, Tennessee coach Butch Jones had made a statement that really resonated. No question the Vol program had been down for a bit, and Jones said he has been using what Stoops did at OU as a blueprint for him on how to get his program back going.

Tennessee has looked like a different team in the first two games this season. A lot more comfortable with the schemes in Jones’ second season. Stoops talked about the challenge of trying to rebuild a program.

“How shockingly down our program was when I walked in,” said Stoops about what he remembers. “The feel of the players, their confidence, their attitude. We weren’t looked upon as winners. For me, it was about getting the expectations set first. Getting that mindset right.”

OU, of course, won its seventh national championship in Stoops’ second season. OU can make sure Tennessee doesn’t find itself in that same position Saturday night.

Stoops said the 1999 team will always be special to him. He keeps the depth chart heading into that season in his office and said one of his favorite victories of all time is when OU beat a much higher-ranked Texas A&M team.

Take No. 2: No decision on alternate uniforms yet

It’s going to be a special scene Saturday. All the top recruits are coming into town. It’s a national broadcast on ABC. Stripe the stadium is returning for the third consecutive season.

The idea is that the alternate uniforms will be broken in this weekend. Offensive tackle Daryl Williams had no comment on in, while Trevor Knight said it would be pretty cool.

“Haven’t decided the uniforms yet,” Stoops said.

He said part of the issue could be whether or not they’d be ready in time. He also thought aloud about how he should do it. Announce it before the game or come out as a surprise. In asking the media’s opinion, we said do it as a surprise.

Take No. 3: Injury update

One of the only concerns from Saturday was the status of multiple players. Things got cleared up in a hurry Monday.

Cornerback Zack Sanchez is expected to practice all week and be ready. Defensive lineman Charles Walker will be out 2-3 weeks with a sprained knee. Stoops said he is hopeful Matt Dimon will return, said he felt better Sunday.

And defensive lineman Quincy Russell is off the team. Russell posted a message on Facebook saying he was kicked off, and Stoops confirmed he is no longer part of the team.

Sooners Illustrated saw Sanchez walking around campus Monday afternoon without a sling on his arm and looking like he was in good spirits.

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