OU 11: Game 2

Defense shines again, offensive line gets major credit

In victory, everybody looks good. In a loss, everybody looks bad. Each week Sooners Illustrated will rank the top 11 players from Oklahoma’s past week’s performance.

Players are assigned a point value equal to the rating given by Bob and Justin. (Top player on either list gets 11 points, 11th player gets 1). That makes for a maximum of 22 points.

Here’s the OU 11 for Game 2:

1. Geneo Grissom (21 points) – Grissom looked like he’s been playing the ‘Jack’ position for years. He was surprisingly natural and fluid in pass coverage – scoring his third career TD on a pick 6. Grissom also had five tackles.

2. Sterling Shepard (19 points) – What a day for the junior. One week after passing his father in career receptions, he proves that he can be that deep threat in the Sooners’ offense. Eight catches on the outside is a ton. His 177 yards makes sense with the catch total, but it could have been even more if he and Knight connected on one or two more.

3. Chuka Ndulue (17 points) – Ndulue was a terror in the Tulsa backfield Saturday. He finished with a pair of tackles or loss, both in the first half, and a sack. He was able to set the edge well and finished with six total tackles.

4. Daryl Williams (16 points) – The offensive line had a big day, and Williams is at the front of the list as far as run blocking is concerned. Williams was stout as the offensive line opened up holes that trucks could have driven through.

5. Dominique Alexander (10 points) – In his return home, Alexander was solid. That’s all Oklahoma needs from him though. He had seven tackles and kept the defense in line under pressure from Tulsa up-tempo attack. As long as his name isn’t called negatively, that’ll always be a good thing.

6. Eric Striker (11 points) – Striker was pretty neutralized in the pass game, but he still found a way to make an impact. He looked strong in man-to-man coverage against slot receivers and finished with a team-high eight tackles.

7. Keith Ford (10 points) – More and more, Ford is looking like the total package at running back. HE has great vision and an explosive first cut. He might not be as fast or as powerful as his backfield mates, but he’s the perfect blend of both. He had 87 yards on just 10 carries.

8. Caleb Gastelum (8 points) – He has definitely earned his scholarship. After four years with the program, Gastelum is finally seeing significant playing time and making the most of it. A solid tackler, he finished with a team-high eight and a sack against Tulsa.

9. Trevor Knight (7 points) – Knight is becoming more and more of a game manager. There was an obvious emphasis on the pass against Tulsa, and Knight finished with a shade under 300 yards. He wasn’t perfectly accurate on the deep ball, but he never missed where it could have hurt him.

10. Alex Ross (5 points) – In the open field, there might not be a more dangerous player than Ross. His speed can turn into a touchdown on literally every play, like it did one play after Oklahoma had a touchdown called back.

11. Jordan Phillips (5 points) – Not as obviously effective as last week but Phillips still is a lot to handle for any team in the middle. He had a scoop-and-score called back, which would have been the first touchdown of his career.

Honorable mention - Julian Wilson, Durron Neal, Adam Shead, Nila Kasitati

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