OU lookahead: Tennessee

Sooners will have to corral a top-level quarterback

Aside from Bryce Petty at Baylor, Oklahoma will face its toughest test from the quarterback position Saturday.

Volunteers’ quarterback Justin Worley will bring something unique to the field that the Sooners won’t see much more this season – major conference experience.

“He throws a good ball,” Oklahoma linebacker Geneo Grissom said. “He’s patient in the pocket. He doesn’t want to scramble. He’s what you look for in a pro-type quarterback.”

About the only other experienced quarterbacks Oklahoma will see are Petty and West Virginia’s Clint TrickettTexasDavid Ash pending injury.

So this Saturday will be a test for the Sooners – to get Worley uneasy in the pocket, to step in front of his passes and to keep him thinking with diverse coverages.

Oklahoma will likely unveil its full defensive schemes after playing pretty vanilla through the first two games.

And the Sooners will need it.

Worley has the ability to pick the Sooners apart in the secondary if given time, which will be a precious commodity for him on Saturday if Oklahoma has its way.

“He had good games the first two games,” linebacker Geneo Grissom said. “We’re looking forward to shutting him down and making them one dimensional.”

In two games this season, Worley has thrown for 520 yards and five touchdowns. He has completed 64.5 percent of his passes but has been sacked four times.

He is at the top of his game and has matched Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight’s efforts through the first two games – with an improvement in accuracy and touchdown passes.

“He’s a big guy who throws a great ball,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said of 6-foot-4, 220-pound passer. “He’s got some excellent receivers who he is throwing it to with size and speed. He executes it really well.”

That’s what makes Worley the most dangerous. He’s talented enough to make his receivers better, but the group of receivers he’s throwing to could also make him into a distributor – but only if he needed to be.

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