OU-UNC post-game quotebook

Exceprts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' post game press conference following the Sooners' 41-27 win over North Carolina

On the Sooners' overall performance
I always appreciate a victory. North Carolina is a very good football team — very talented. We all knew that coming in. So, it does feel good to win.

Getting up 41-7, and then playing as we did from then on was really bad in the second half. I'm very disappointed. The first half really was pretty solid all the way around. Good execution. Good emotion, outside of a few shoddy plays on the special teams — the punt return and a mistake offensively to give up a touchdown. But still, a pretty solid first half.

And in the second half, the plays we made were disappointing. But it may be good, and hopefully it's good that we've got a lot that we'll watch Monday that will give us a lot to correct and will let our players know that we still have a lot to push for, a lot to to push for to improve. They may have heard too much good throughout the summer and playing so average in the second half gives us a lot to shoot for, and hopefully we'll be a lot better next week.

On injuries
Brandon Everage was sore, but he was set to go back in at the time we were up 41-7. We decided that we were in a situations where we were comfortable and shouldn't have been in a situation to use him. Derrick (Strait), I believe is fine. Just got banged up a little bit, should be okay. I'm afraid Terrance Simms' injury is pretty serious with his knee.

On the quarterback play
They both did some good things. They both need to improve. For the first go at it, I thought they both made a few nice plays. Obviously Nate's one poor play — some of it was his fault and some of it was a lineman's fault who's supposed to cut a cut a lineman out there, but doesn't. They'll learn a lot from it from the first time out there.

On the defensive collapse in the fourth quarter
Poor coaching. Poor effort. Poor playing. Poor concentration. And anything else you can think of, I'll agree with you probably. We need to learn how to play through the four quarters.

On the abundance of passes to Quentin Griffin out of the backfield
Last year, if you look at our statistics Quentin was our leading receiver. So, Quentin's a pretty dangerous weapon when he has it. But we need to continue to concentrate on throwing down the field more.

On who impressed him
I wasn't satisfied with anybody's performance, on the offense or the defense.

Rocky's was pretty good, but he missed a few tackles he'll normally make too. So, he can continue to improve as well.

On Antonio Perkins play at cornerback
He played well. Hung in there, made some plays. We'll watch the tape tomorrow, but pretty decent play.

On taking advantage of opportunities
We executed. Made plays, stripped the ball returned a great interception by Derrick Strait. Tim Duncan was solid kicking the ball. There was a lot of good in it. Watching the game on film the next day, it's never as good as you think it is, and it's never as bad as you think it is. So, we'll watch it, analyze it and try to improve on some things.

But still, to get up as we did and to play like we did in the first half is good. We need to learn to keep our toughness, keep our intensity and play the entire four quarters. Hopefully, we'll learn something from it and do a little better in the second half.

On if it was it planned to play Jason White in the fourth quarter We didn't have a set plan when we would play him. We thought if the opportunity presented itself we would, but we didn't have a set plan as to when or what set of downs we would do it.

On offensive line's performance
Just okay. I'm sure we'll a lot when we watch the tape that needs corrected.

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