Brown stands out as potential 2017 star

Sophomore CB intercepts two passes in major rivalry game

On a night that is usually reserved for seniors and juniors, a sophomore playing his second game at cornerback looked better than all of them.

At the 11th annual Backyard Bowl, Tulsa Union Tre Brown changed the game and helped Tulsa Union upset Jenks and snap the Trojans’ 27-game winning streak.

“Tre is getting better and better,” Tulsa Union coach Kirk Fridrich said. “.. Tre did a great job. Obviously, the two interceptions were huge.”

Brown was garnered with the assignment of shutting down Jenks’ receiver Carson Epps, who is listed as two inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Brown. But he did so enough that an Epps catch in the second half was received by surprise in the press box.

With spectacular make-up speed and surprisingly good body control for his age, Brown picked off two passes on quickly thrown routes, one of which came on the goal line.

“It was clutch,” said Brown, who hasn’t received any interest from colleges, yet. “We were right down on the goal line. I knew I had to do my job. I got it done right there.”

He jumped a crossing route and then stepped in front of Epps on the goal line, almost pulling the ball out of the receiver’s stomach while falling to the ground. Brown is also the Redskins’ kick return.

Listed at 5-foot-10, Brown’s most impressive play of the night might have come on Tulsa Union’s third interception. On a deep route to Epps, Brown controlled his body enough to run Epps off the ball legally and allow his teammate to make the pick, which was Jenks’ third on as many possessions in the first half.

“I really didn’t even worry about being a sophomore,” Brown said. “I just worried about playing out there. I got it done.”

Brown played running back last season before switching to corner but already looked the part before this season. He played the part masterfully.

“I just have to do my job,” he said. “Spotlight or not, I’m going to keep doing what I have to do.”

Quick Roundup

Tyler Adkins, RB, Tulsa Union - Adkins finished with 95 yards on 18 carries but had a big run to seal the victory. Adkins flashed potential and was a talented all-around back, although a little undersized. Expect a few smaller offers to roll in soon for the junior

Marquise Overton, DT, Jenks - The Sooners’ commit fought off double teams all night while making a handful of athletic plays. He swatted a screen pass and brought down a bunch of receivers near the line of scrimmage. The best part: He battled double teams all night and still stayed in the game. Great endurance and will on the kid.

Robert Thomas, WR, Tulsa Union - Thomas is the total package, with a little less than elite speed. The senior’s hands are fantastic, and he runs crisp routes – although not perfect. He had eight catches for 85 yards, including a touchdown catch where he had to adjust in the air.

Austin Quillen, S, Jenks - Quillen, who visited Oklahoma State this past weekend, has great instincts near the line of scrimmage for a defensive back. He was willing to step up in run defense and was solid in pass coverage, which was by far the lesser of the two skills.

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