WR talks stepping into No. 2 role and heading back to Morgantown

What’s working lately with your connection with Trevor after 13 catches over the past two weeks?

It’s definitely improving, just the connection we had throughout the summer. We were constantly doing routes on air in the summer time. Working with quarterbacks on weekdays and weekends, trying to make sure we have a good connection out there on Saturdays.

Is important for Trevor to trust you?

Me and Sterling and also all the other wide receivers, we want to be guys that can help this team win. We want to be the playmakers. We want Trevor to have trust in all of us. I believe he has trust in all of us. As receivers, we have to make him look good. Any pass he throws, we have to catch it. We have to do something with it.

Do you feel like getting into the end zone is the next step in your development?

You want to score. You don’t want to fall down or anything like that. It’s nothing I can control, though. I’m just trying to get better every week. We as an offense are trying to get better every week. I can’t look at myself. As long as I’m making big plays for the team to get us in scoring position, I’m doing my job right.

What’s it like feeling yourself get better every week?

I think it’s more of me just going out there with more confidence, just being more relaxed and knowing all my assignments now. I’ve been in this offense here for two years, and I learned from guys in the past. Now, it’s an opportunity to step up for the team, and I feel like, if I just go out there and relax and play with confidence and have fun, I’ll just be myself.

How are younger receivers progressing?

They’re doing well. They come out every day, they work hard every day. They’re just like me. They’re waiting for their number to be called, and when the opportunity comes, you’ve got to take advantage of it. All of our receivers, they’re ready. They’re prepared.

What do you think of the West Virginia home fans?

A very disrespectful fanbase. They’re going to be prepared to say some nasty, mean things.

What do they say?

They do some research. They definitely do some research. Just knowing my freshman year, hearing things they’d say to guys like Kenny and Jalen and Justin, even like me - at that time, I was a freshman - and they knew some stuff about me. It was just crazy. They really take pride in trying to get into your head and trying to get you out of the game.

How do you deal with that?

It’s fun. It gets you fired up. It gets you ready to play. They’re protecting their house. They’re trying to do everything they can to help their team. It just drives me, personally. I feel the same as all the other guys.

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