OU Report Card: West Virginia

Sooners show up just in time to remain unbeaten in Big 12 opener

Every week Sooners Illustrated will break down a few players and a few units and assign them grades based on their performance.

Here are the Game 4 grades:

Zack Sanchez – C-: If there was an effort grade, Zanchez has sure earned an A. But this is more about achievement, with a little sympathy involved. He had six tackles and an interception – however meaningless. He struggled though in tackling and covering talented Kevin White. To be fair, everyone has had trouble defending White, who still set a season-high in average yards per catch.

Alex Ross – B+ Let’s face it, Ross isn’t much of a running back. He still struggles to find the hole, and before the fourth quarter Saturday, he had negative rushing yards. Ross’ true value is in his game-breaking ability. He made the biggest play of the game, possibly a playoff-appearance saving kick-off return. He can truly fly.

Samaje Perine – A+ Hello world, my name is Samaje Perine. I’m really, really good. In his first complete action, Oklahoma had no choice but to feed the big freshman back, who returned the favor. It’s hard to imagine, but with last night’s performance, he improved his yards per carry average. He never wore down, even though the entire Mountaineers’ defense wore down behind him.

Pass rush – B Eric Striker reached West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett on the first play, then the pass rush kind of disappeared. It showed itself again just in time, sacking Trickett three times and forcing a fumble. They showed up when they needed to, and it helped Oklahoma stay unbeaten.

Geneo Grissom – A- Of all the players on the Sooners’ defense, which allowed just 10 points in the second half, Grissom was the best – especially early, when everyone else was struggling. Grissom forced a big sack-fumble and batted down two passes early. He has taken his new position to the next level.

Offensive line – A The hogs up front were disappointed in their result in the Tennessee game. If they wanted a special bounce back performance, they found it. The offensive line had nothing to do with the Sooners struggles, kept quarterback Trevor Knight upright the entire game and averaged a season-high 6.5 yards per carry – more than seven yards for the running backs.

Michael Hunnicutt – A+ Hunnicutt took and made just one field goal Saturday night, but this grade is his reward for a career of excellence. Hunnicutt is the Sooners’ all-time career leader in points. It has been a special career, one that Sooners’ fans all over can appreciate, especially after watching Kansas State lose because of its kicking woes. Being ‘Money’ in the kicking game is an unappreciated commodity.

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