Take 3: Bye week at good time for OU

Bob Stoops addressed the injury report, among other things in his weekly press conference.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season OU coach Bob Stoops has his weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated will give you the three most important things to take from the session.

Bye week

Take No. 1: Clearing up the injury report

Safe to say the bye week is coming at a good time for the Sooners, who have a lot of players banged up right about now.

Stoops cleared up some of them, while others will just take time. Stoops said there is nothing wrong with Sterling Shepard and Zack Sanchez and said what the situation is with Charles Tapper.

“Charles has a sickle cell trait,” Stoops said. “At certain levels of exhaustion, it’s dangerous.”

Stoops said that’s what happened with Tapper on Saturday. When he gets like that, he said, “no pun intended, he has to tap out.”

Sanchez was another player people were wondering about. Or more specifically, why he was in there at 45-27 late in the fourth quarter when he was clearly in a lot of pain.

“Got to keep checking on him,” Stoops said. “He wanted to keep playing.

Stoops said it was an issue that couldn’t get any worse by playing so they allowed it. But he said it’s tough because he knows Sanchez wants to be out there all the time.

Nothing new on Keith Ford and don’t expect anything new this week. The goal is just to rest up and be ready next week, if at all possible.

Take No. 2: Alternate uniforms a success

When it was 10-3 West Virginia in the second quarter, there weren’t a lot of people asking for the alternate road uniforms to be worn again.

Positive result and now people seem more open to seeing them once again.

“I thought it was a positive,” Stoops said. “It grew on me. The overwhelming response from my demographic, from the players and players we’re recruiting, everybody in that category seemed to love it.”

Stoops said it was awkward at first because it didn’t feel like it was his team out there because of the different jerseys.

Geneo Grissom said he hopes to wear them again this season, but Stoops was non-committal about that. All Stoops did say was he won’t make a habit out of it.

Take No. 3: Good start but not done yet

This week will give Stoops and the team a chance to take a step back and fix a lot of the little things. Stoops said the first part of this week is going to be about making improvements with what OU is doing.

The team will practice Monday-Thursday and take it easy Monday and Thursday with the intense practices being Tuesday and Wednesday.

As far as evaluating this season, things are going well but everybody knows there is a lot more work to be done.

“For me, they’ve been a great group to coach in that they really listen,” Stoops said. “They’ve been accountable to one another in the way they practice, the way they prepare, the way they walk into games.

“So early in the year, got to push to improve in every area.”

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