ASKED AND ANSWERED with Zack Sanchez

Starting corner talks about his shoulder injury, interception streak

Did you use the bye week to rest up?

A couple guys are banged up. Just getting a week to heal up and rest up was really good for us. It came at a perfect time.

Will you not know until Saturday how your shoulder feels?

Right now, it feels good. The week off helped a lot. It’s felt the best since the injury. It’s progressively getting better every day. It’s a muscle injury, so it’s going to be nagging. I think it’s going to be a lot better than it has been the last two weeks.

You won’t know until you take a hit?

No, not anymore. I think I’ve gotten past that point. It’s more toward the soreness part.

What do you think stood out about the TCU offense in the 56-0 win against SMU?

Just the many weapons they have. Any receiver they have can touch the ball and take it. They’ve got a lot of fast guys on the outside. Trevone can make plays with his feet. When he’s outside the pocke,t he’s looking to throw the ball down the field. That’s a really big thing to have, when you’ve got a guy that can throw it 70 or 80 yards downfield on the run. It’s crazy. On the back end, we’ve got to stay on our men and not let them escape us, because we know he can make a big play at any time.

How did you contain Trevone Boykin last year?

Our front is crazy good. Those guys do a good job of staying in their technique and doing their job and taking care of their business. They know what they’ve got to do to contain him. Once they do that, we’ve got to do our job on the back end and cover those guys.

Would you be disappointed if you don’t extend the interception streak?

I mean, I think it’s always disappointing if I don’t get one. Just being a DB, I want to get the ball. If I play a good game and don’t have a pick, I’m all right with that. I’d rather not miss any tackles this week, personally. If I get a pick, it’s cool to keep the streak going. But if I don’t, it’s not something I’m going to cry about.

Are you even aware of streak during the game?

Not during the game. After the game, when I do have a pick and people are talking about it, obviously I’d be lying if I said I don’t think about it outside of the game. But during the game, I’m always trying to make a play. So if I get a pick, I don’t think, ‘Oh, the streak’s still alive.’ I just think, ‘I just got a pick. It’s a good play for our defense.’ Obviously, after the game I’m always thinking about it.

Do you know where streak stands in OU history?

I heard it’s up there. I heard Brian Jackson had a streak of four games in 2009. Coach Royal had a million picks. I’ve heard about it. It’s pretty cool to be in the same name as those guys. Hopefully, I can keep it going.

You dyed your dreads?

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. I finally got some time to do it during the bye week. It’s something different. I wanted to change it up a little.

What color is that?

It’s like a goldish, blondish, I don’t know.

If you don’t get a pick, you’ll change it back?

No, no, I’m not gonna go back.

Can you beat Tyrus Thompson at Madden? (Asked by Tyrus Thompson)

Yes. And in a one-on-one pass rush. Easy work.

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