ASKED AND ANSWERED with Julian Wilson

OU CB talks bouncing back from a loss, being an Oklahoma-born player in the Red River Showdown

What was wrong at the beginning of the TCU game? Why were you and Zack struggling?

They are on scholarship too. They made some plays that we didn’t make. At the end of day, we play for OU. We’re expected to play at a high level and we have to make those plays.

Can you build upon the way you finished?

That’s one thing. Winning the second half is as big as winning the first half. We just have to come out and get the ball rolling from the jump and not put ourselves in a 14-0 hole.

What do you think about the Red River Showdown?

It’s a big-time game. It’s a smash-mouth football game. OU-Texas, everyone wants to know who is going to win. We still have a bad taste in our mouth from last year. We’re going to go out there and execute our game plan on Saturday.

What do you remember of the first game you played against Texas?

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into walking down that tunnel and seeing how the fans were split down the middle. And then there was the trash talk and everything that goes into the game. Driving through the fair, that’s something you can’t put into words. You have to go through it to know how it is.

Did you ever go as a fan?

No. I didn’t even grow up playing football. That was my first … I mean I heard a lot about it, but going there and experiencing it was life-changing. It looks like this will be a very different offense than you’ve seen the past two week. How can you adjust to it?

At the end of the day, you have to be ready for whatever the offense puts in front of you. If we have to change our style of play to smash-mouth football on Saturday, that’s what we have to do to win the game.

Did you watch former Southmoore teammate and Utah quarterback Kendal Thompson beat UCLA?

Yes, I was streaming on the bus and got home in time to watch it. I was happy with the way he played and talked to his family afterward. They were happy. I’m happy for him.

Is it big to play in this rivalry as an Oklahoma guy?

It’s really big. There’s not a lot of Oklahoma players on the team. It’s a big Texas game. But as an Oklahoma player, you have to play with a big chip on your shoulder too.

Do you think you have a bigger chip than players that come from Texas?

Yeah, we do. Me and Shep used to talk about that all the time. They say that in Oklahoma, you can’t play football like down there. Just little things like that.

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