ASKED AND ANSWERED with Jordan Evans

Sophomore linebacker talks coming home and handling Kansas State's attack

What did you think of your play Saturday against Texas?

I was just excited that we got the win as a team. Coaches said I did good and I was able to be productive and help the team get the win.

The defense has been pretty inconsistent so far this season. How do you go about maintaining a high level?

It’s just some of the things that we need to work on as a group – execution, communication and things like that. Little things that we’ll definitely get fixed coming in to this next week.

< b>Why was Texas able to dominate the middle of the field in the passing game? Execution by them? Struggles by you?

It was both. Obviously, Texas was able to get their way in to the middle of the field, but that’s on us as well, whether it’s communication or not executing right or being in the right spots. There were little things that hurt us, but we’ll be able to fix them this week.

What kind of communication?

Between players. With me and (Quentin Hayes), there’s a couple times when I was supposed to be out in the flat or he was. We just need to work on it throughout the week.

Kansas State comes to town this week. What do you see in them?

Kansas State is a great team. They’re well-coached and a sound fundamental team. We’re going to work on the things that we need to work on, execute, game-plan them and get ready for them this Saturday.

They’ve got a pretty unique offense though?

They have a ton of packages that they can run a lot. Different people run. It’s up to us to be students of the game, know what they’re going to do and be ready for Saturday.

The defense has had trouble defending mobile quarterbacks. How do you stop Jake Waters?

Just like we’ve been doing the past few weeks. We have to be aware of not only him and the running backs but also his ability to pass and scramble. Things that we’re going to put in to practice this week, work on and get better to stop him.

Are you ready to come home?

It seems like it’s been an eternity since we played. We’re just ready to get back with this home crowd and get a win in front of the great crowd we have.

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