ASKED AND ANSWERED with Daryl Williams

Senior tackle talks loss to Kansas State, moving forward

Can you build off the way you lost to Kansas State?

Yeah, that’s correct. Like I said last week we didn’t play a bad game at all. We played good. This week we need to focus on eliminating the turnovers and doing the little things right.

What will it be like to have running back Keith Ford in the rotation?

That would be awesome, to have another good running back like Keith. It obviously would help our team out.

Is it surprising that only one play can change a game because of the parity?

Like I said last week, the Big 12 is a good league, a very good league. Coach Stoops always preaches protect the ball, play smart and one or two mistakes could lose us a game.

How do you guys use tempo?

That’s up to Coach Heupel. I think if we get positive yards there’s a big chance we’re going to go tempo. I don’t really know. I’m just out there, and when tempo comes I’m like, Ah, I’ve gotta get set. I’m tired.’ But I don’t really know much about that.

Is tempo fun for the offensive line?

It’s fun if you’re successful in it. It’s tiring if you’re not.

Were you surprised by Cody Thomas against Kansas State?

I wasn’t surprised. When he came on the field he was very calm and confident. Guys didn’t really have to say that much to him to get him ready. He was already ready to go. That’s always good. Coach Heupel and the quarterback group did a good job of getting him ready.

What do you think of Orlando Brown and Kenyon Frison?

I think those two have a bright future. Our other freshman offensive linemen have a bright future. I tell them that pretty much every week. Come next year or spring or winter, work your butt off. You can have a very, very bright future.

Do they remind you of you and Tyrus Thompson?

Tyrus always says Kenyon reminds me of him when I was younger. Because I did come in at a lighter weight and skinny. I was kind of unorthodox, but I was athletic. Orlando kind of reminds me of Big Phil just with his size.

What do you think of going up to Ames?

It’s an away game, so it could be a crazy environment. Away games are always hard to play. And those guys up front, they don’t stop. They play to the echo of the whistle. We’ve got to make sure we practice hard and finish all of our blocks this week.

Were you shocked to see them hang with Texas?

I mean, it’s not shocking at all. Every team in the Big 12 is good. Our league is a really good league. One or two mistakes can lose a game. It can be a close game every week for every team.

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