Hunnicutt trying to bounce back

OU kicker Michael Hunnicutt showed his character Monday evening, addressing the media about what happened vs. KSU.

Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt has no idea how he would have responded if asked to address the media following the Sooners’ 31-30 loss to Kansas State on Saturday afternoon.

About 15 minutes before the game ended, Hunnicutt, among the most reliable kickers in OU history, missed a 19-yard field goal with 3:53 left that would have given OU a 33-31 lead. He also missed a 32-yard field goal before halftime and had an extra point blocked in the fourth quarter.

Everybody, from the players and coaches, defended Hunnicutt on Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. Hunnicutt faced the music Monday evening.

Here’s what the senior captain had to say.

Bob Stoops said you told him you rushed the 19-yarder. Was that because of your two previous misses?

“Yeah, maybe a little bit… Definitely. I was just not really doing my job and no one felt worse about it after the game than I did. I guarantee you that. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone else. I feel bad. I know the hard work we put in all offseason and this summer. To get through workouts here is a heck of a deal, to get ready for the season. Kind of letting down my teammates in that situation was a real shame. I definitely wouldn’t wish that on anyone else.”

Can you maybe pinpoint exactly what happened?

“It was one of those deals, kind of an off day. Especially one that short, it was an extra point. I don’t think I’ve ever missed one so it’s a shame.”

Emotion runs high after a day like that. Did you get a lot of backlash on social media or people talking to you?

“Unfortunately, I had a ton of it sent to me (in) all kinds of ways, but I know it’s just people behind a keyboard, so I kind of zone that out and get ready for the next game. You don’t want it to snowball, you know? But yeah, I’m glad it was me getting that stuff and not any of my teammates, because it was pretty bad.”

You’re normally hidden in the background, how has it felt being the center of attention the last 48 hours?

“It’s not great. I guarantee you, no one wants that feeling after the game. I grew up a huge OU fan. I love this place. Letting them down like that – my coaches, my teammates, the fans – it’s not a good feeling, that’s for sure. But you’ve just kind of be mentally strong and put it behind you.”

Did the missed field goal before halftime play a role in your mindset late in the game?

“No. I was thinking about that. Honestly, no. That one didn’t bother me a lot. I knew exactly what I did. I just pulled that one a little bit. But I still hit it pretty hard and pretty well. But that one didn’t bother me at all.”

What about the blocked extra point? Your fault? Protection?

“I don’t want to throw blame around or anything.”

Teammates, coaches all came to your support Saturday and Monday. What has that meant to you?

“Yeah, it was cool. It was great to see my teammates stand up for me. That shows you just how close of a team we are and stuff. It’s huge. It was a bad situation, definitely kind of letting the team down.”

Did Monday feel any different?

“Really good. I just went through my normal Monday. I’m not going to let two kicks define who I am. I have hit a lot of kicks here. I don’t know – 50- or 60-something field goals, a couple of hundred extra points. I’m not going to let a couple of kicks ruin my career or who I am. I know I can make those kicks.”

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