OU-Texas banter heats up in August

OU defensive coordintor says Texas QB's press clippings will motivate Sooners. UT quarterback says doubters will "get theirs"

The game is still over a month away.

But if you read the newspapers or listen to the radio, members of the Oklahoma and Texas football programs seem to light up when asked about each other.

Both teams still have major hurdles to jump on their schedules before the Red River Shootout on the first weekend in October. And despite the coachspeak from both sides, you get the feeling that both programs would just assume lace ‘em up and kick it off this Saturday if they could.

Oklahoma Co-Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops threw his coachspeak out the window for a radio interview with on The Sporting News Radio Network with Nestor Aparicio on Aug. 20. Stoops got the chance to give his opinions on UT's Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Chris Simms and did not hold back.

"You mean I actually agreed to do this (Interview) and I've got to look at Phil Simms and Texas No. 1," chuckled Mike Stoops talking about the Sporting News ranking Texas No. 1, while referencing the Longhorn's junior quarterback by his fathers first name.

"You guys think it's Phil Simms though, don't you?"

Aparicio explained the reasoning behind the Longhorns being rated ahead of the Sooners was that the Horns had more of a "known commodity" at quarterback than OU with Simms.

"Being a known commodity, I don't know what that means," Stoops told Aparicio. "He split time last year with the other guy and wasn't even honorable mention All-Big 12, and he's on the cover of magazines?"

"That helps us. And it will help us come that game to see his picture on all those magazines. You guys help us out. You put the pressure back on them," Stoops said on The Sporting News radio show.

When told that the OU defensive coordinator questioned the Sporting News picking him as the Heisman favorite, Simms chimed back in an interview in the San Antonio News Express saying, "He made the list?"

When asked if he'll use the comments made by his doubters as motivation this fall, the junior quarterback, who threw more interceptions then touchdown passes last year, told the San Antonio News Express, "Oh, I remember everything."

"They'll get theirs. When the time comes, I'll deal with it in my little way."

October 6 can't come soon enough.

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