ASKED AND ANSWERED with Dimitri Flowers

Sooners' fullback relives offense big game on the ground against Iowa State

What did you think of the offense against Iowa State with the option?

I think it worked really well. When you put up 500 yards on the ground, you have to be doing something right. Along with Trevor playing a great game, our line blocked excellently. We were all flowing and going on all cylinders. I thought it worked really well.

Did you watch any old Oklahoma wishbone tape?

We watched a little highlight a while back of OU’s history. It’s pretty cool to see that and then see how we incorporated the same kind of thing in the running game.

Did Trevor tell you to be ready at any time for the pitch he made over a linebackers head?

I knew the pitch was coming at any time. What I didn’t know was that he was going to pitch it over someone’s head. That kind of caught me off guard there. He made a play. Trevor is a great player. I stayed in pitch relationship, caught the ball and advanced it.

You guys had never used the heavy personnel in the diamond formation, what was the purpose of it?

I think it’s our personnel. We have me, Blake, Rip, all excellent blockers. We’re all pass catchers. We can all do different things. We are all good enough to move back and forth and do what is asked of us in that formation. What did it feel like amongst that group when you went to it?

When we first put it in, it was kind of shocking that we were running it. It was pretty cool. Going through practice, it took us a while, but once we got it down, it was just pull, pitch. It was just fun to do. Does the offense feel like a new team?

We feel like we did the first couple games. We’re putting up big numbers. We’re getting back into our rhythm, getting back in our groove. We’re getting people healthy again. We’re on all cylinders again, firing away and trying to get better every week. You’re more involved too.

Whatever asked of me, it doesn’t matter what it is. I’m just trying to help the team win. How do is feel when the team runs like you guys did against Iowa State and has that much success?

At the end of the day, all I paid attention to was the score. The yardage didn’t really matter to me. We were up big at the end of the game and heard about where we were at. At that point, you’re just kind of rooting and hoping that we get past 500. At the end of the day, all that matters is the score.

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