ASKED AND ANSWERED with Tyrus Thompson

Senior tackle discusses loss to Baylor and moving forward

In the days since the loss to Baylor, how has the team responded?

At the end of the day, it always sucks to lose. I’m not going to lie. At the same time, you can’t always win every game. We went out there and fought our hardest. We were outplayed. We were outcoached in every facet of the game. We just have to be better. We have to execute better, and just keep going forward in these game and try to get a few more Ws under our belt.

What were the major issues with the offensive line issues?

It’s just little things. Guys have to finish on blocks. They’re on the right guys. They just have to finish and not let guys fall off the blocks and make the tackle three or four yards down the field – just finishing. It’s the little things.

Why are you guys still struggling in short-yard situations?

Somebody just got beat on it. I’m not going to say who or whatever. It just comes down to executing and everybody has their plays. Guys just have to execute better and stay on their blocks and finish.

Are you disappointed in the lack of physicality since the West Virginia victory?

It’s always disappointing when you can’t finish the way you want to, especially as an offensive line. At the same time being that I watch film, I know that we were very physical in that game. I know there were a lot of guys on the ground. It was just a few plays here and there that we’ve got to finish in key situations. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we’re playing physical. I see it on tape the whole time. That’s not really a big concern of mine. We just have to finish in those key situations.

What do you think about Cody Thomas as the team’s potential starting quarterback this weekend?

The dude’s looked really good with his chances out there. I have full confidence in him. I think he’s a great quarterback. Next year will be a little tricky, but I won’t be here. Cody is a great quarterback. He has a really calm demeanor. He has a lot of confidence.

What jumped out at you after watching the Baylor film?

All the opportunities that we missed. There were touchdowns all over the field. We just didn’t execute enough to get them. That’s the most disappointing thing.

Daryl had a pretty bad game with penalties, how’s he going?

Daryl is fine, man. Whether I agree or disagree with the penalties, they were called. If you watch the tape, Daryl dominated his guy. There was one play, I swear, he picked him up off the ground and pancaked him. You have to watch him .Daryl had a great game He had some calls against him. That’s part of the game. It’s going to be against you some times. He’s fine. He’s our captain for a reason.

There were a lot of expectations for this year – your last at OU. What’s it like not living up to them?

It’s really disappointing when you think you’re always think you are going to win, go to the national championship and win the Big 12 and all that stuff. At the same time, this conference is so great. We know that. For some reason, people have an issue or they can’t understand how great this conference is. The last five years, we’ve had five different winners of this conference. This conference is great. Sometimes, you just can’t win them all. It sucks. We just have to finish the best we can right now and move to the next game.

What did you think of the boos on Saturday?

We get booed at other games anyway. It’s always best that your fans cheer you on. That’s what you always hope for. At the end of the day, it just matters who you do on the field. We just have to execute better and maybe they wouldn’t boo us.

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