Lockett sees positives in OU

The only negative was the game as William Lockett saw a lot of positives about OU on his visit.

It had been nine months since Manvel (Texas) High cornerback William Lockett had visited Oklahoma. He was there in February for OU’s first junior day and returned this weekend for his official visit.

Lockett, who has been committed to UCLA since August, remains committed to the Bruins following his trip to Norman. However, OU has certainly given him something to think about.

“It definitely makes things harder,” Lockett said. “Being committed to another school and visiting somewhere else is tough. But it’s OU, and it’s a great program. I don’t want to make any rash decisions, and I’m going to wait until I take my official visit to UCLA.”

Lockett was offered by OU about two weeks ago when OU offered three cornerbacks in the span of 24 hours. It was obviously a great sign for the Sooners that he didn’t hesitate to take an official visit.

What wasn’t a great sign, however, was the way the game went with OU being outplayed in every way possible in a 48-14 loss to Baylor. Lockett, though, had a different take on things.

“I don’t look at it like they lost to Baylor,” Lockett said. “It’s Oklahoma. They’ve won plenty of games. A lot of teams have gone through stuff like that. They can probably finish 9-3. I’m really not worried and won’t base this off of one game.”

Lockett’s host for the weekend was cornerback Zack Sanchez. The sophomore spoke his mind about things after the loss, but Lockett said Sanchez and the rest of the guys he hung around with were able to regroup and be in high spirits during the rest of the visit.

There were a couple of things Sanchez said to Lockett that really stood out, according to Lockett.

“He was telling me how no matter what OU is always going to have good defensive backs and how OU is always going to send guys to the league (NFL).”

Lockett was able to spend a lot of time with cornerbacks coach Bobby Jack Wright as well. Before this weekend, his primary contact had been linebackers coach Tim Kish because Kish is in charge of the Houston area for recruiting.

With Lockett set to be a cornerback if he picks the Sooners, it was important to get to know Wright better. Everything Wright was saying was sounding good to Lockett.

“He answered a lot of my questions before I ever got to campus,” Lockett said. “We’ve been talking a lot lately. He was talking about where he could see me in the defense. I was definitely happy with what he was saying.”

Lockett said seeing OU coach Bob Stoops’ house was one of his favorite things to see because of how big it is. For Lockett, it was a symbol of what can be done through hard work and what OU has been able to produce. And he said Stoops was in good spirits throughout the visit.

OU is playing catch up with the Bruins since the offer didn’t happen until late October. But the offer happening did show Lockett that when OU coaches say something, they do mean it.

The Sooners coaches were clear with Lockett that they would reevaluate things during his senior season, and it might have taken nine more months, but the offer did come his way.

“Ever since that junior day, I’ve always been wondering about OU,” Lockett said. “But I’m still committed to UCLA and like what they’re doing a lot, too.”

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