Przybylo: Tackling recruiting questions

Less than three months from signing day, the recruiting questions starting to heat up for Oklahoma. readers have questions about Oklahoma recruiting. Here are some answers to some of the more pressing questions.

A lot of the questions this week were which recruit would you take so we’ll make this a special “take your pick” edition. And stating the obvious that all eight of these prospects would be huge additions to OU’s class.

Take your pick: Josh Wariboko or Jalin Barnett?

Start with an easy one. Even though it feels like splitting hairs, it’s Barnett for this one. Having seen both of them play several times, Barnett clearly stands out on the field more than Wariboko.

For whatever reason, haven’t really seen that nasty side to Wariboko when he’s on the field. Both are incredibly respectful kids off the field, but it seems like that switch gets turned on with Barnett when he’s out there.

Wariboko also doesn’t seem like he’ll get any taller. Will Sunderland is taller than Wariboko, no doubt about that. Barnett has at least an inch and maybe two inches on the fellow four-star prospect.

In a perfect world, OU would get both. But it’s so hard to envision that happening. Barnett has already made his official visit, while one for Wariboko could happen for Bedlam weekend.

Take your pick: Anthony Wheeler or Darrin Kirkland?

Nice battle here. The only caveat with some of these comparisons is that it doesn’t have to be an either or situation. This is one of those deals. OU getting Wheeler doesn’t mean door slams shut for Kirkland or vice versa.

Forced to pick one, and going to go with Wheeler. Wheeler has been a longtime favorite, dating back to after his sophomore season. Was actually a shock OU waited as long as it did before offering.

Both are true inside linebackers, which is something OU desperately needs for this class. No trying to convert someone into something he’s not. Wheeler wouldn’t have to spend one day in the training room, and he’d still look like he’s ready for big-time college football.

Ideally, though, no doubt OU takes both and does a happy dance about it.

Take your pick: Kahlil Haughton or Justin Reid?

Think OU coaches have made it pretty clear what they think of Haughton. From attending his high school game on the bye week to having him back at OU last weekend, he is clearly the No. 1 choice among the two.

Reid isn’t far off, but he is a little off from Haughton. Both are tall safeties, but Haughton seems to have the knack for making the huge play. That sort of natural instinct sometimes simply carries over to the next level.

As of now, it seems like OU would take both of them. But as we get closer to signing day, that window might close. And if it does, it’s shutting on Reid and not Haughton and that sounds right in this scenario.

Take your pick: Ykili Ross or Will Lockett?

This will be about what type of cornerback do you like. Lockett is a little smaller than Ross but both bring a lot to the table.

OU and Ross just seemingly cannot get on the same page. Twice Ross has had an official visit scheduled for Norman only for things to change the week of said visit. It can be tricky trying to get a Cali kid into Norman during the fall.

Lockett, though committed to UCLA, took his OU official last weekend. Ross has the edge slightly on Lockett in terms of ability, but going with Lockett in this battle.

OU needs quality players and you get that from quality programs. Don’t get too better in the Houston area than Manvel (Texas) High. Kids know how to compete and produce from that school, and Lockett would fit in nicely with the Sooners.

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