ASKED AND ANSWERED with Dominique Alexander

Linebacker talks Bedlam, a rivalry that means something special to him

Does this rivalry means something special to you as a kid that grew up in Oklahoma and whose dad went to Oklahoma State?

It means a lot: My father went to OSU and me being here. In the state of Oklahoma, everybody knows how big this rivalry game is. It means a lot of me to come out with a win every time I play against OSU.

What has this group of seniors meant to you?

They’ve mean a lot. Last year, when they were juniors, they helped me when I was going through my phase of development. They just told me to keep my head up. I’ve gained a lot of trust in these guys. They’ve become real good friends to me. It means a lot for me to send them out of here with a win.

What do you think of Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph?

He’s a good player. He’s young, but he made good decisions. They believe in him. We know we’re going to get his best when he comes out here on Saturday.

How tough is it to contain a player like Tyreek Hill?

It’s different. He’s just a great player. If he was here, we’d have to give him the ball. He’s a great player He’s just so fast and can do so many things with the ball that if you’re not getting him the ball, you’re kind crazy. He just does so many things, like all-purpose. He leads the Big 12 in all-purpose yards. He can do so much. You have to give him the ball. You have to account for him as a defensive player

Does that make playing linebacker tough?

We just know he’s going to get the ball on fly sweeps and on bubbles. We just have to break down before we get to him and make the tackle in open field.

Do you feel like you and Jordan Evans are playing with more confidence than earlier this year?

Confidence is all about believing in yourself. With the experience that we both have bene getting, we just do things faster. We can play more aggressive and play more loose.

You’ve been asked to blitz a lot more this season. What kind of an adjustment has that been?

Coach Kish just teaches us a lot of moves that we can do. He’s bene around football a long time. He just teaches us different moves that we practice every day. Then, just being relentless. That’s another thing that comes with playing explosive with the experience that we’ve got. Just be loose and when we get one on one with a running back we can just go win instead of thinking about which move we are going to make, we just make a move and get to the quarterback.

What is your confidence level in Steven Parker if Quentin Hayes and Julian Wilson can’t play?

I have confidence in Steven. He played a really good game against Kansas. He’s a true freshman so he’s just going to keep getting better with time. As the years go, he’s just going to keep becoming a better play. Week by week, he’s going to get better. I have trust in him and the whole defense does.

You played as a true freshman. What kind of advice do you have for him?

Just keep his head up. Ups and downs are going to happen. You just have to keep getting up. You just have to keep fighting and believe in yourself when nobody else does.

Why is it so easy for freshman to get beaten down?

It’s new things coming at you. It’s coming a lot faster. You’re used to being the man on top, but now there are guys that are better than you – just flat out better than you – as a freshman. You’ll keep getting older and keep getting better.

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