The pressures of Oklahoma football

Hybl needs experience, not criticism

While many of the Sooner faithful are concerned about the unspectacular performance of starting quarterback Nate Hybl, a slow start should have been expected.
  Hybl has not started a football game since 1997, and that was at the high school level. There were most likely 7,500 in attendance at that game, not 75,000. There was bound to be some rust and he needs time to adjust to actual game speed.  
  I could go on and on about how North Carolina's defensive line is one of the best the Sooners will play all year. Or about how we played many second string offensive linemen throughout the game. Or a number of excuses that have been spouted on web-sites, talk shows, and news broadcasts from New York to Norman and back.  
  The fact remains that Sooner fans seem to forget about the slightly above average opening performance against UTEP last season. If it were not for the breakout game of Renaldo Works last September, the score would have more closely reflected that poor performance.
  And what about the Kansas game last year? Again, not the dominating squad that we would see weeks later in the Cotton Bowl. Fans were claiming that we could not go into the dreaded month of October with the offense performing at that level.  
  What happened? The Oklahoma coaches made adjustments, prepared our players to win, and conditioned them to expect nothing less than a victory. A winning attitude is contagious. The same will happen this year. 
  The Oklahoma coaches know what to do, and if they feel that adjustments need to be made to any aspect of the team, they will surely correct the problem. You need not worry. 
  Do not to expect a 14-0 record and an easy Rose Bowl victory – expect being the operative word. Undefeated dream seasons sometimes only come along once in a life-time. I can tell you to hope for an undefeated season and cheer on your Sooners regardless of the result.  
  It is amazing how quickly people forget. I know some would only like to remember the five or six great games the Sooners played last year, but just remember there were some very unspectacular wins against UTEP, Rice, Kansas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.
  Things will work out for the best. Nate will come into his own and be a solid quarterback for Oklahoma. He may not be a Heisman runner-up this year, but he will get the job done. Hybl has more pressure on him this year than Josh Heupel ever did at Oklahoma.
  Understand that and support the Sooners – win or lose.

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