OU report card: Tight ends

Rarely used Blake Bell solid in first year at position

The 2014 season is in the books for Oklahoma as the Sooners began the season in the top five but ended a disappointing 8-5 with losses in the final two games.

Before we start looking ahead to 2015, we’re going to take another look at every position this season for the Sooners.

Tight end

Bob Przybylo: B. So tough to try to give a grade out when the Sooners haven’t actually utilized the position the last few years. It’s like grading on a curve.

But what more can you say about Blake Bell? The consummate team player that did everything he was ever asked to do while at OU. He made the transition to tight end and even caught a few touchdowns, but he didn’t bring the position back to life.

And with Bell gone, it doesn’t look too good for the future of that position. There was nothing in 2014 to indicate the position is going to become a key focal point in the offense once again, at least as a receiver.

Tight ends can block at OU, but you sure would think they want to catch some balls, too.

Justin Hite:B+. What more did you want from Blake Bell? And let’s face it, he’s the only guy we’re grading. If fullbacks were included in this position group, it would clearly be an A.

As for Bell, he wasn’t used much. When he was, it was clear he could have been a game-changer. His athleticism was apparent in spurts, and by the end of the season, he earned his keep as a blocker.

He finished with 214 yards and four touchdowns. What more do you want out of just 16 catches and only about 24 or so targets?

Bell could have been used more. He just wasn’t.

Sooners Illustrated overall grade: B.

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