OU report card: OG/Center

Moving to the big uglies part of the grading as we look at interior offensive linemen for OU.

OU report card: Interior offensive linemen By Bob Przybylo Sooners Illustrated

The 2014 season is in the books for Oklahoma as the Sooners began the season in the top five but ended a disappointing 8-5 with losses in the final two games.

Before we start looking ahead to 2015, we’re going to take another look at every position this season for the Sooners.

Interior offensive linemen

Bob Przybylo: B. The strength of OU’s offensive line was at the tackle position, but it’s not like the interior guys couldn’t do their job as well.

The issue this year was staying healthy. OU had a nice rotation of four guys at guard with Adam Shead, Dionte Savage, Nila Kasitati and Tyler Evans. And Ty Darlington became the backbone of the unit as a whole.

There were some crucial missed assignments, and OU wasn’t as physical on the inside as it was at tackle. This position is going to be a huge question mark going forward with Shead, Savage and Evans no longer a part of the team.

Darlington and Kasistati return, but there are going to be a lot of holes to plug going forward.

Justin Hite: B+. On an individual level, the grades would look pretty good. Adam Shead and Nila Kasitati were great. Shead probably would have earned an A-, and Kasitati would have brought home a B+.

Ty Darlington brought down the group grade a bit, and maybe he was just worse based on the talent around him. Darlington was the worst blocker on the line, but again, that’s not a knock on him. It’s a compliment to everyone else.

He managed the line well, helping Oklahoma to the fewest sacks in the entire nation. If a center’s job is nothing else, he needs to help pick up blitzes.

The running game averaged more than six yards per carry, right about the goals set forth before the season started.

Shead coming back from his injury makes his play even better, and Kasitati has another year to be the leader. He’ll need to be.

On any other team, Shead, Darlington and Kasitati would have been praised for their excellence. It’s just when compared directly to the two bookends that they just looked like the lesser part of the line.

Sooners Illustrated overall grade: B.

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