Predicting OU's site and seed

Sooners heading east to Louisville (or Columbus) as a No. 3 seed

With just three more games left to play in the entire college basketball season before the start of the NCAA Tournament and the anticipation of Selection Sunday looming just hours away, it’s starting to become more and more clear where Oklahoma might be heading – even if it’s still pretty unclear.

To determine exactly where the Sooners will be headed in just a few days, it’s important to look at the teams that finish higher than them in the seeding.

Hold on as we try and break this down.

Assuming that Wisconsin wins the Big 10 Conference, it’s safe to bet that Oklahoma would wind up as the lowest No. 3 seed or one of the two highest No. 4 seeds. There just aren’t many teams that could pass them up.

Michigan State could jump that high, climbing from a projected six seed, if it wins the Big 10 Tournament.

Arkansas could also leapfrog the Sooners by beating Kentucky in the SEC Championship, but the Razorbacks would probably head to Jacksonville for their first-site games.

That’s not likely to happen, none of them.

Maryland could also remain ahead of the Sooners, but the Terrapins would head to either Pittsburgh or Jacksonville.

Site location then breaks down from there. With eight different sites, the top four seeds in each region are assigned a location – usually based on proximity – two seeds to each site

Omaha (Wisconsin/Kansas) and Charlotte (Duke/Virginia) are likely to be the only sites completely filled by the time Oklahoma gets its choice. Other possibilities include Louisville or Columbus, depending on where Iowa State gets placed and whether Oklahoma is a No. 3 seed. Notre Dame, Iowa State and Wisconsin could all have a claim to those sites before the Sooners’ number comes up.

Knock off one ticket for Pittsburgh because of Villanova, one each for the West Coast sites and the University of North Carolina looks headed to Jacksonville.

That leaves Portland, Seattle, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh and likely either Louisville or Columbus if the Sooners are the lowest No. 3 seed, which seems to be the most likely spot.

All that said means Oklahoma is heading to one of three places: Pittsburgh or Columbus/Louisville, whichever is left after Wisconsin, Iowa State and Kansas get theirs – one heading away from Omaha.

The Final Prediction? The Sooners will be headed to Louisville for the first two rounds as the No. 3 seed in the West Region, meaning the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 would be played in Los Angeles with Arizona being the potential No. 2 seed matchup.

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