OU quotables: Week 2

Best nuggets from OU's offensive and defensive players with the media last week.

Oklahoma completed its second full week of practice and here are some of the best quotes from the two media sessions.

Defensive back Dakota Austin on the offense’s tempo

“You can look at it as, ‘Man they’re throwing the ball’ or you look at it as, ‘Man, I’ve got a chance to make plays every day.’ I look at it the positive way that I can make a play more often.”

Linebacker Eric Striker on practice collisions with Joe Mixon

“I had a pretty good thump with Joe today (Wednesday). Joe wants it. Joe is going to give it his all. You don’t have to worry about that with Joe. We had a little thump today, and it actually got physical at the end after the whistle. That’s just Joe.”

Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley on learning from Bob Stoops with the SAE video

“In college football nowadays, you learn to expect the unexpected. I’ve been through tough things, but maybe not something like that. The confidence I had in watching the headman handle it and then watching our team leaders handle it, I felt at ease the whole time because I knew we would handle it the right way. It was something I learned a lot from both personally and professionally.”

Wide receiver Durron Neal on if the offense is different

“A lot of people were nervous with all the changes. Who is going to be brought in? What kind of offense are we going to learn? When we really sat down and looked at it and studied it, we saw it’s detailed but it’s simple. Once you just really get into it and look into your position, it’s not hard at all. It’s very fun and simple. The offense allows you to play and not think so much.”

Defensive end D.J. Ward on first-year coach Diron Reynolds

“Just Coach Reynolds coming in he has a lot of things to tell us. He has a bunch of information he wants to give out to us. He’s just giving me a lot of things, and I’m just being a sponge and taking it all in.

“They’re not too different (Reynolds and Jerry Montgomery). Reynolds is more like myself, or I’m more like him. He’s more of a laid back guy, more even keeled. He has a calm demeanor. Coach Mont had a little bit of both. He’d be fiery, he’d be calm. It’s kind of hard to get Coach Reynolds to jump to that next level.”

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