Przybylo: What to watch for

With a new offense, it's the receivers/tight ends OU fans should watch most Saturday.

The Oklahoma spring game is this weekend, and there are a number of things to watch for Saturday afternoon.

But here’s what you should be watching the most.


It seems pretty clear, based on what OU coach Bob Stoops said Monday, that No. 1 wide receiver Sterling Shepard most likely isn’t going to see a lot of time.

Shepard still trying to return to form after his groin injury suffered last year doesn’t need to show anybody anything. He has proven he can go.

Others, however, are going to be relishing this chance. A list, in order, of the receivers who could make themselves a name to remember Saturday.

Dede Westbrook

You have to start with Westbrook because he has been so good since arriving from Blinn (Texas) Junior College in January. The transition on the field has been seamless, and he has made at least one noteworthy play each day of practice. Should Westbrook sparkle Saturday, it will give OU fans a reason for excitement.

Mark Andrews

Technically not a receiver, but Andrews is going to be used as one. Flexed out at tight end, Andrews has had an incredible spring. The scrimmages have been his own personal playground, and the spring game will be a chance to see if he can perform under a bigger stage. He could be a huge weapon for OU going forward.

Dallis Todd

Like Andrews, Todd is another four-star recruit for the 2014 class that had to be redshirted. An injury early on last season eliminated all chances of him getting on the field, but he has made the most of his opportunities so far. In a receiver rotation where nothing is set, Todd is certainly a name in the mix.

Jeffery Mead

Not sure anybody thought Mead would have been one of the 2014 class receivers to see the field, but he did last season. The hiccup continues to be his weight because he has impressive size and has improved with his route running. He’s still a little too thin for most people’s liking, but he has been mentioned multiple times this spring by teammates.

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