OU spring game quotables

Seen the sights, now read some of the best quotes from OU's spring game Saturday.

It was an interesting weekend for Oklahoma as the Sooners held their annual Red-White spring game. Here is a selection of some of the best quotes from the postgame press conferences.

Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley on offensive progress

“It’s a balance. I think that’s just a feel. You have to be patient at times and understand that it is early, but at the same time – with the way college football is these days – you don’t have much time for patience, either.

“We’ve got to learn it and be good right away. This isn’t a rebuilding project. This is getting ready to be the best team we can next year. Patient at times, but we’re not in the excuse business. Nobody this year is going to care that we are in the first year of the system.”

QB Cody Thomas on giving up baseball

“It was really hard to give up baseball. It’s a sport that I love, but I’m definitely confident that it was the right decision, and I’m glad that I’m full-time football right now and committing myself more than I ever have. I definitely have seen that it’s made a lot more strides for myself.”

QB Trevor Knight on competition

“It’s the same attitude. It’s the same attitude I’ve had since I was 7 years old. My dad has always been the one to say you’re going to have to compete in whatever you do in life. That was a big lesson for me.

“Here I am going into my junior year, and I’m still competing. That’s what you want. That’s why you come to a place like Oklahoma. It’s a privilege to be able to wear those colors and compete every day.”

CB Zack Sanchez on Hatari Byrd catching an INT

“We’re on Hatari all the time about it. We know he can make plays, but we’re always going to tease him about it. It’s just good to see him make a play like that.

“I told him he didn’t have no juice after he caught it, though. That’s the next step we’re working on. He’s caught it now so now he’s got to get loose when he catches it. We need six points every time he catches it.”

WR Jeffery Mead on Dennis Simmons

“He’s very honest, genuine and real person. He’s not going to tell you something that’s not true so I appreciate that. He’s fun to work with. He likes to have a good time, but he also knows when to get serious. And he will get serious.

“It’s like any of them getting up our butt. No one likes it, but it happens. It’s like a parent. He treats us like his kids. You can appreciate it.”

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