ON THE CLOCK: Tyrus Thompson

The three-year starter for the Sooners looks like a mid-round selection in NFL Draft.

The 2015 NFL Draft is on the horizon. For a handful of Sooners, there’s a chance to have their name called during the three-day stretch starting on April 30.

There have been 33 players from Oklahoma drafted since 2009, and the Sooners have the fifth-highest percentage of starters – with more than one year as a starter – drafted into the NFL (38 percent) in that same time period.

There are some Sooners looking to follow in those footsteps in this year’s draft.

-------------- Offensive tackle Tyrus Thompson --------------

From an article in the Milwaukee Journal Constitution, one NFL Scout said that Tyrus Thompson “Has all the talent in the world but he scares the hell out of you.”


He “plays soft.”

That’s always been the knock on Thompson, who might have been hurt by playing next to close friend Daryl Williams. Williams is regarded as the toughest offensive lineman in the draft, so it could be a case of guilt by association.

Thompson has solid athleticism and is still a great pass blocker. He still just has to prove his tenacity.

Teams won’t shy away entirely, he’ll just go a little later than initially expected. The Carolina Panthers, who have an opening at a starting tackle spot, were in town recently, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Now Trending: ⇊ Since the start of the season, Thompson has dropped on many draft boards, looking a little less ferocious at times than he needed to be. Some have also said he’s less athletic than his film suggests.

Closest NFL player comparison: King Dunlap, San Diego Chargers - Like Thompson, Dunlap’s stock dropped before the NFL Draft because of some skepticism about his play. Pretty sure Thompson would take the eight-year career Dunlap is in the middle of right now, though.

Sooners’ Illustrated’s final, fun yet oddly exact NFL Draft prediction: Fourth Round - 124th overall to the Carolina Panthers.

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